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[M.M.X.I.V. 206] Beep beep boop

Dancing ellipsis… I like the sounds of that.

Never A Worry

beep beep boop 2 Zooming in to the reason for the post.

beep beep boop The full screen as seen from my screen.

When I first joined WordPress, there was one interface for creating posts.  It had a lot of buttons on the top, and I found it very user-friendly.  One particular part that I like about it is the ease of inserting media and links from it, because the “link” button in the toolbar gives you an option of in-house links without having to type them out.

But now, the only way to get that interface, as far as I know, is to go to the Dashboard and click New Post from there.  The “simpler interface” I don’t particularly like, because of a few things:

  • The drop-down menus on the side of the interface are not as friendly
  • Tab completion is not possible on the “Tags” of this interface to what I can see.
  • Changing the…

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4 replies

  1. Dancing ellipsis is definitely a fun sight, but maybe not at the expense of the irritating interface.


  2. Ellipsis….your favorite punctuation, Maggie!!!! Along with !!!!!!

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