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One Word Photo Challenge: Aqua

 Rosasite 978_006 Rosasite 978_004

  Rosasite from the Ojuela Mine, Mexico

3.0 x 2.2 x 2.0 cm

Rosasite is a secondary mineral found in the oxidation zone of copper-zinc deposits.

Crystals are acicular, that is, needle-like.

They form dense, compact layers on matrix or as nodules as shown here.

Great care must be taken when handling the mineral.

Suppress the urge to caress the velvety masses, otherwise,

you are stuck with a thumbprint on your specimen.


My camera has a devil of a time getting blue/green to display correctly, hence the difference in colouring between the first two and the third images. It is a fluke if the colour is captured correctly. It does not help, I’m sure, that I use compact fluorescent bulbs to light my studio space. Two are “cool” and the third is “warm”. I tweaked the third photo as best as I was able. 

Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge 

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Look-alike images Inspired by comments, and my imagination.

Chuzzle from PopCap Games

Chuzzle from PopCap Games

Rosasite Chuzzle

Elmo? Is that you?

Ice cream? Really? OK, if you insist…

He ate it. Sorry.

He ate it. Sorry.


OK. I give. Here’s your ice cream and brownie. 

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41 replies

  1. That looks really awesome. Almost like a furry critter has burrowed into the rock.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chuzzle? No. Did Wilma Flintstone play that? All I know is the third one looks like a brownie with a half scoop of moldy mint n’ chip on top and some freezer burn whipped cream. Leave it to me to go the dessert route. Even minerals have too many calories for me.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. A single scoop of teal atop a frozen brownie. Beautiful specimen – well photographed!


  4. I never would have thought brownie and ice cream until I read the comments/ saw your added images…but hey, it’s there. Lovely picture, super weird aqua fuzzy thing- but beautiful color nonetheless 😛


  5. Wow, that’s one I’ve never seen. Great specimen!


  6. So here goes. He had long passed his Aqua Velva stage of life. Those days he used to do a close shave in the morning. By the evening, he had a faceful of whiskers. One day when he was in his thirties he looked in the mirror and decided that he didn’t look so bad in whiskers. Pretty soon he had a beard. All the women in the office were telling him how sexy he looked with his new look. Twenty years later his beard has turned white, he plays Santa Claus and the kids all tell their secret wishes. Life has never been better.


  7. Oh gosh, your specimens never cease to amaze. My first thought in the Reader was icecream, too, until I saw it was your post and knew it couldn’t be! Wonderfully amazing and oh how tempting it must be to touch. 😀


  8. I was thinking lapis lazuli from you, Maggie – but I guess that ain’t a mineral .. Amazing how little info. I have stored in my bonce !


  9. thank you thank you thank you to everyone who said brownies and ice cream. I was NOT going to say that if every comment was “what a beautiful mineral specimen.” yeah, Maggie. Chocolate brownie gone to mold. But the most beautiful moldy brownie I have ever seen! Just beautiful


  10. I thought it was a puff ball to begin with. What an amazing and unusual one this one is.
    Congratulations, it’s fantastic!


  11. Wowww….I honestly thought this was a piece of cake with some (blue?) mint ice cream…heheh. Clever. :0) Great job on the lighting and even tones throughout.


  12. This one is so beautiful to me. Perhaps my favorite of all so far. Good thing I’m not there, though. Mine would be the thumbprint.


  13. Meant to add how perfect your choice of that child’s photo was. Really drew the attention, and it was an interesting choice of pairings: appealing child full of life and color with colorful, beautiful, but lifeless mineral.


  14. That third shot looks like a chocolate muffin devouring a felt glove and a plastic bag….



  1. One Word Photo Challenge: Bronze | Jennifer Nichole Wells

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