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Books That Linger

My first thought when I read this post by Janet on Aunt Beulah’s blog was, “What a great idea! I will reblog!” Then I thought, “How in the world will I be able to remember the books I’ve read from way back then?” Instead, when specific titles elude me, I’ve included the authors.

You might want to join in and contribute a list of your own.

Aunt Beulah

“Janet,” a friend said, “I just finished a great book, and I think you’d like it.” Few words rivet my attention like those; though recently “You won’t need another colonoscopy for ten years” came close.

I smiled when she told me the book’s title and author: A Tangled Web written in 1931 by L.M. Montgomery, the author who brightened my childhood with Anne of Green Gables. I devoured LittleWomen4Anne and its sequels, but soon abandoned the plucky orphan for Jo of Little Women. Still, I remember Anne: a talkative youngster with hair accidentally dyed green who lived on a wooded island surrounded by the sea.

Some books I enjoy in the moment; some I remember; some I treasure.

sound-fury-first-editionI once took a class where I had to list a book that lingered in my mind for each decade of my life. Wonderfully, I wasn’t required to justify my selections…

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3 replies

  1. How thought (memory) provoking. This might take me awhile – childhood books is no problem but a few decades are “hazy”. It’s fun to see the books others are listing on Auntie B’s site! Thanks for re-blogging this one 🙂


    • Oh, I know the hazy part. I used my Goodreads account to jog my memory. As I was skimming through the titles, there were several that I did not recognize at all. I read that? Really?

      I look forward to seeing your list.


  2. That’s a wonderful idea, but I too, must shake myself to remember from some decades….

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