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Kindness is as Kindness Does

Tuesday was garbage day. Since I have been on my own for over a week, there was not much to take to the curb. I thought to myself, “Why bother? It can wait till next Tuesday.” Then, after I remembered my advice about loving kindness and doing the chores that need doing, I prodded myself into action. Picture this: There I am, standing at the curb holding a bag half-filled […]

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Books That Linger

Originally posted on Aunt Beulah:
“Janet,” a friend said, “I just finished a great book, and I think you’d like it.” Few words rivet my attention like those; though recently “You won’t need another colonoscopy for ten years” came close. I smiled when she told me the book’s title and author: A Tangled Web written in 1931 by L.M. Montgomery, the author who brightened my childhood with Anne of Green Gables.…

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