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Building Rome Week 29 Introspection

todoBuilding Rome is a weekly mini-challenge hosted by  Bradley Corbett over at Green Embers. The goal is to come up with some small, achievable goals for the week and work toward them. Each week has a theme: this week it’s Introspection. Make a goal this week to help remove the obstacles you have created for yourself!

How to participate: Make a post with your goals for the week and how well you did with the previous week’s goals! Link back to the challenge page. Visit other people who have linked or commented and cheer them on. 

Hoo, boy, do I know how to make obstacles. Excuses, excuses.  Below is my list from last week. Read on to see how I did.

My list of goals for last week:

  1. Transplant the cactus babies. Well. I stored the bag of soil specially formulated for cactus plants in a shed at the back of the yard. Yes, that shed. The shed that has mice. No, I’m not afraid of mice. As long as they don’t suddenly spring out when I least expect them. Even then, I’m still not afraid of mice. I just don’t care for springing mice, that’s all. But that’s beside the point. Turns out a mouse (or two) built a nest in the bag of soil and it was full of mouse poop. Urp. I went to the hardware store to buy more soil. It’s on order and I can pick it up this Friday.
  2. Walk every day. I did not walk day one. It was humid and wet. ( Great start for the first day of the challenge, Maggie! 🙄 ) I did manage to get out for at least 2 km every day after that. Except the day that I mowed the lawn. I used that exercise as my, um, exercise. This one stays on the list, permanently, until I need to walk every day as much as I need my morning fix of coffee.
  3. Organize/clean/vacuum/defuzz my office space. Yay, me!
  4. Eat home-made food. Eat out no more than twice. I mentioned on Sheena’s blog I managed to stick to my limit of eating out twice only, but man, did I tie on the feedbag when I was out! *urp* (‘scuse me) I’m keeping this goal active. Intake is just as important as output as far as weight loss goes.
  5. Wash the windows in the kitchen. Oh! Windows. Plural. I washed one window. The big one over the sink. That was an act of derring-do, let me tell you. I had to climb up on the counter and reach around the hanging light fixture and straddle the double sink and balance on a 4″ portion of counter top. Then I had to recover from the fright that was the layer of dust at the top of the window. Bugs, too. Not springing bugs. These were well ensnared dusty bugs. Dead dusty bugs. Blech.
  6. Blog every day. Oops, missed a spot. Two actually.
  7. Weed the border along the south side of the yard. And while I was at it, I weeded around the pond that is no longer a pond but a marsh. Sort of. When it rains, which is has been doing. So yeah, it’s a marsh.
  8. Photograph mineral specimens. Photographed, edited, entered into database. Check, check, check!
  9. Take care of the tuition for college. The reason this was on the list in the first place is so that I could have something that I knew I could handle. But! As it turns out, it remains unfinished! I’m going to postpone paying until the September due date. I’d rather have the money in my pocket than theirs.
  10. Clean up the attic. I didn’t give this task a second’s consideration. It was too hot up there.

My list of goals for this week:

  1. Transplant the cactus babies.
  2. Walk every day.
  3. Eat home-made food. Eat out no more than twice.
  4. Wash the remaining windows in the kitchen.
  5. Blog every day.
  6. Harvest thyme and oregano
  7. Weed the interlocking brick patio
  8. Clean up the attic.
  9. Meditate daily on the Metta Prayer, focusing especially on the “May you love yourself completely” part.

May you be safe
May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you be content
May you love yourself completely
And with great kindness
Just as you are now
No matter what happens

When I first learned the Metta Prayer, it was a slightly different version:

May you be safe
May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you care for yourself easily.

The teacher explained it this way: this caring for yourself easily is the stuff you do for yourself, without setting up obstacles. No pissing or moaning or excuses. The socks need picking up, pick ’em up. The garbage needs to go to the curb? Take it to the curb. These are the little acts of loving kindness you do for yourself.

Why would we want to taint an act of loving kindness with resistance and negativity?

Good question.




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37 replies

  1. I really like that prayer, very good question indeed.

    Yay for meeting all or part of your goals! 🙂 Here’s to another great week!


  2. You made me laugh! Laughs are very much appreciated! You’re really working hard, I can tell! Love that prayer at the end. So do you just say that to yourself a set number of times like in the morning and night? You know that is a good point, cleaning up is an act of personal kindness to oneself. 🙂


    • If you laughed, then my work here is done.


      Isn’t the Metta prayer cool? Yes, you just focus on the words, either sitting still with your eyes closed, or in the background while you are doing a task that doesn’t require intense focus. Like mowing the lawn, or folding laundry.

      There’s a whole structured approach to the Metta Meditation, and any number of variations. The main idea is that you work on yourself first. Get yourself good and comfortable with treating yourself well and then move on to someone you really love, then someone who might be a bit more difficult to love, then onto people who are not very lovable at all.

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  3. If god had intended us to clean the windows he would have given us extendable legs. Don’t worry about it. Just go with the cactus.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. First of all – congratulations! I think you accomplished a lot! Second – blogging every single day? I can’t even imagine (it’s all I can do to eek out a couple of posts a week. If I tried to do more, my brain might very well explode!) Finally – thank you for the Metta Prayer. It is something I can really use just now (and I’m giving the meditation and mindfulness thing a try!)


  5. Read Maggie’s post.

    Yay! Goal met 🙂

    You will eventually get me to join in because your Rome posts are motivating. Just … Not … Till summer’s playtime is over.


  6. What a funny post! Made me laugh out loud! And inspiring. Love the Metta Prayer. If picking up makes you care for yourself, looking at my house, I could be the most loved person in the universe…

    My goal is to join a program of goal-setting. Still working on it.

    Good luck with this week’s goals!


  7. Lovely prayer. Very good question I think the real problem is how we raised up from our parents 😉


  8. Potting baby cactus and Metta meditation seem to work well together. Loving kindness all around. I’ll vote for that. Smile 🙂

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  9. Maggie, well done! You are really knocking off those goals! I love your Metta prayer.


  10. What a cool idea. Last week I washed all the windows and commandeered my son to be my trusty side kick. Then, last night some telephone solicitor called and offered to clean my windows for only 199 dollars. Is that the going rate I wondered? And then I thought: did we do THAT poor a job of it? heh


    • I suppose $199 would be worth it if the job was for a multilevel, cathedral ceiling wall-to-wall floor-to-floor expanse of glass. Inside AND out. But for my house, and by the sounds of it, yours… thanks folks, but no thanks.

      I wonder: Was this telephone solicitation for windows as in house windows or Microsoft windows? I know there’s a a company that calls to advise you that your windows [i.e. computer] are at risk and need fixing… my brother has great fun and acts all horrified and alarmed. My windows are broken? How do you know? They look fine to me. I can see outside.


      • hahaha That guy routinely calls here! I always mess with him. I tell him that HE is the virus or ask him for my IP address so he can prove he knows I have a virus. Or I tell him that we only have Linux boxes here (which is true) I have even asked him how things are going since he calls more frequently than even my family does.

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  11. Awesome post Maggie! Lol — “to do lists” can be equally motivating or disappointing, but it’s one day at a time, one moment and breath at a time. Our best is best, no matter what level of achievement it is – only we know if we have been reasonable or too demanding and exacting in our standards; besides, a health-related injury resulting from the acrobatic aspects of cleaning can be a high price to pay – I know, in my fury 2 years ago, while scrubbing the kitchen cupboards clean, I tore some serious muscles in my arm – I still feel the pain. Cleaning should come with a health advisory warning!

    Metta prayer is an absolute gem 🙂


    • Ouch! What in the world happened that you tore muscles?!

      SO very true: “only we know if we have been reasonable or too demanding and exacting in our standards”

      Which is why I usually leave the chores until I’m tripping over dust bunnies or can’t see out the windows. Dirt just laughs at the folly of trying to keep it at bay. Laughs and laughs and laughs.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. This is fun. I can see where your priorities lie. Besides, there’s a reason we both have one clean window. Maybe I will make a list when I come home from the hospital!


  13. Goodness – springing mice!, exhuming dead insects!!, doing acrobatics to clean the kitchen window!!! I’d say your building week was off to a bang of a start 🙂


  14. Good luck Maggie. The daily walk is the one I really hope that you will achieve.



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