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Blog Tour, with your hosts, Deb Hunt and Joanne Sisco

Waaaay back at the end of May, Deb Hunt over at Strawberries in the Desert (that’s one “s”, not “dessert”)(just double-checking) invited me to participate in a Q&A that you may have seen circulating here on the blogs. From her “About” page:

I was born in England, where I worked as a librarian, teacher, event manager, PR executive, actress and journalist – an itinerant vagabond in other words, unwilling to commit to the one task I loved more than any other. Now I understand that having a shot, and being prepared to fail, is what life is all about. I once read the words of a dying man: “Find something you love and give yourself to it.” So I’ve finally done that. I’m a writer.

A weekend ago, my fellow  (is there a feminine form of the term?) Canadian and soul sister in so many ways, Joanne Sisco also invited me to participate.

Joanne writes:

I prefer to think that life is really lived skipping along the edges of my comfort level. It often means pushing the limit of what makes me a little afraid and facing down that fear. This philosophy has been an excellent guide throughout my life so I’m inclined to continue following it.
I am retired now and I’ve discovered that my passion for a “life on the edge” hasn’t diminished. As I explore the next chapters of my life, these will be my musings on the adventures ahead.

Now that you’ve met (or re-met) these gals, I shall respond to their invitations, finally! I should also mention that I’m using Deb’s model for the tour.

Here’s the gist: I answer the four questions and then invite a handful of bloggers to participate, if they so wish.

The questions:

  1. What am I working on at the moment?

  2. How does my work differ from others of this genre?

  3. Why do I write what I do?

  4. How does my writing process work?

What am I working on?

I started my blog the first of 2014 – part of a New Year’s resolution and surprise! It stuck. I’m still caught up in the first wave of the festivities and don’t feel it waning, yet. (This past weekend’s bout of insomnia notwithstanding.) I have no grand oeuvre in mind, but readers encourage me to publish my memoirs. We’ll see. Like gardening and mineral collecting, I’m concerned that if blogging turns into a “must do” or “work” I will lose interest.

For now, then, blogging more or less daily is my “work”.  What I blog about will be my life stories as triggered by the daily prompt, current events, my mood, or by you.

How does my work differ?

Simply stated, it doesn’t. Other than the obvious fact that all of what you read here is my particular story filtered through my particular experience of the world. This is one thing I’ve learned in the last six months: the more I write and engage with other bloggers, the more I realize our stories are so very similar. For example, when I wrote about stealing money from my mother’s purse, I hesitated to click the publish button. For over forty years I carried enormous shame about my thieving ways. Whaddya know! You wrote and told me, “Been there. Stole that. I got over it.” So, thanks for being my confessor.

Why do I write what I do?

I write partly to scratch the itch, to fulfill a creative urge. I write to occupy myself when I might otherwise waste time playing computer games. This is me, trying to break a decades’ long addiction.  I write my story. Because it’s what I know and I want to share and to learn and to grow.

How does my writing process work?

My writing here is not a whole lot different than writing to a friend. To be truthful, many of my posts are verbatim copies of emails or letters I’ve written to people. Of course I’ve deleted any reference to names and other identifying details where it matters.

Inspiration comes from the daily prompts, or maybe something I read on your blog triggers a memory. My posts usually tie an experience from my childhood to a present day event.

I don’t linger over the writing. I start and finish in one sitting. I’m sure it shows. I’d love to be elegant and smooth, finely polished. But that’s really not my style. What you see is what you get. Rough and raw and  impatient to get it done.

So. Now the list. Please meet

  1. Pam Brittain
  2. Almost Iowa
  3. Jana
  4. Kaze Gadway

To those on the list, please feel free to respond. Or not. I’ve included you here because I want the rest of my readers to meet you, if they have not already done so.










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16 replies

  1. I love your stories and look forward to each and every one that pops into my mailbox!! I hope you never reach the point where you want to stop 🙂

    As for being “rough and raw”, I don’t see you that way at all … more like a very fine wine with complex and interesting notes of flavour!


  2. I loved finding out more about you Maggie and I enjoy reading everything you’ve written so keep it coming! Isn’t it funny the things we worry about and feel ashamed of, when really we’re all flawed human beings, with enormous capacity for joy as well!


  3. Your stories are delightful and strike a chord. About that purse theft incident, my Mom took a photo of me when I was younger than 5. I was behind a tree and looking into her purse. Not sure what I was looking for. I can only tell you that I was probably up to no good. 😉


    • Delighted to read your comment, Judy, thank you. I can visualize your 5 year-old self looking for lipstick? Cigarettes? Certainly not a cell phone, though I expect that’s the current object of desire for today’s 5 year old purse snatchers! 🙂


  4. I am honored….(my wife tells me I am honored all the time, though I think it is just her way of tooting her own horn)… anyways, sorry for the side-track there, I am not sure what I am supposed to do – but I suppose Maggie or Pam will help me out on that account.

    I plan to write more when I conclude my life of fighting crime in early September. I will blog to gain writing strength then build into short-stories and eventually write a humorous though thoroughly unreadable novel.

    What I do not plan to do is insulate the garage, fix the floor in the milk house, wire the pasture and spend endless days mowing the lawn.

    Let’s see which activities, planned or unplanned, I do more of.


    • I cannot wait to read your work once you are not encumbered by unavoidable distractions like jobs and such. You will be a superstar! Seriously, love your writing. Please, sir, may we have some more?

      If, and only if you are so inclined to participate in the interview, create a post and answer the four questions and invite other bloggers to do the same.


  5. Enjoyed reading this Maggie, your own voice is shining through all of your writing. It is so good to be able to read and share. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. It is a great pleasure to read your work as you have a wonderful gift. I think it is a gift that we are able to share like this and encourage one another.


  7. Thank you, Maggie!!! I’m starting to work on the post now!



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