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There’s a Fungus Among Us

We’ve had almost 70 mm of rain in the last week – 68.9 mm to be precise, (thanks Weather Network!) That’s about 2.75 inches. The garden is lush, and yes, the lawn needs mowing. That’s on my list of things to do tomorrow.

Tonight, though, I took some photos of the newly hatched fungi I found in the garden. I wanted to take the picturesΒ before the oyster mushrooms turn to moosh. I’m calling the pale pinky-tan coloured jobs “oyster” mushrooms because that’s what the naturalist in the household suggested they might be. Don’t quote me.*


*BTW, Reiner emailed me last night – I sent him the pictures and he is confident that these are oyster mushrooms. But because they are growing on the stump that he uses to break up his rocks, he says not to eat them. There is all manner of radioactive and toxic mineral particles at the base of that stump. I bet these mushrooms glow in the dark!




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  1. We know all about you and lawnmowing, Maggie – so don’t go telling us you’re not addicted to it. [grin]
    As to your fungi … that splodgy disgusting-looking one should be blown out of existence. The ‘oysters’ – you sure you can’t eat ’em ? πŸ˜‰


    • Hey! Thanks for the reminder! I meant to link back to my whine-fest.

      Yeah, the doughy looking thing doesn’t have much to recommend it, does it?

      Reiner has foraged for mushrooms in the past. For example, we have harvested shaggy manes in the fall just down the road. He was uncharacteristically uncertain when he suggested “oyster”, so this lovely clump will be black and slimy in a day or two, digesting in its own juices, not mine!


  2. Oyster mushroom are my call too, and they’re delicious. There are several varieties, and they all grow on dead trees.


  3. Those are rather awesome, Maggie and, please feel free to send some of that rain my way. We could use a bit!


  4. Some of those look yummy. Some, quite gross. Let me know if hubby survives the taste testing?


  5. You have an impressive collection of mushrooms! Personally, I think mushrooms are quite interesting and rather beautiful … until I find them growing between the cracks in my stone patio. Then I’m not so fond of them.
    … and since you mentioned rain, I don’t recall the weather man telling us the past 2 extremely soggy days were coming. I’m not impressed.


  6. I am weird or something but I actually love to take pictures of fungus and mushrooms. They have some really interesting shapes and colors.


  7. Looks like the pod people are taking over. You remember from “The Invasion of the Body Smackers”, don’t you?


  8. I once worked with a guy who knew the good mushrooms from the ones to be avoided. But I wouldn’t take that risk on my own. The greyish ones, i’m sure, are definitely a no-no.

    As for the photos – terrific. The greyish one in the top row looks like a turtle with a parka on. πŸ˜‰


  9. I’m a big fan of fungi but they are very tricky to identify and I would never trust myself to sort the edible from the poisonous. I see local people taking fungi off tree trunks and they are used widely in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). They can also be great photographic subjects as here. If you really want to identify them I think you have to examine both the upper and undersides. We have a couple of reference books for HK but the principal one is only in Chinese.


  10. I love the green ‘shrooms–beautiful! I am a fan of mushrooms but they have to be fresh–one day too late and I can’t eat them. Cracked me up that you will let Reiner taste test them. “Oooh. You don’t look so good. Guess I’ll have corn instead…” πŸ™‚


    • Hey there. The green ones are about three days old and still bright and fresh. They have a wonderful velvety texture that doesn’t quite make it to the image. Mostly because I didn’t think to use a tripod.

      Oh yeah, that Reiner and his foraging in the wild craze. Do you know how long it takes to collect enough pollen from cattails to make a cup of “flour” for pancakes? Have you ever eaten pollen from a cattail? No? Me either. But from the chef’s report, we won’t be visiting the marsh again any time soon. πŸ˜€


  11. Woah. Those are growing in your own garden?? I’m extremely jealous. I never get interesting mushrooms like that in mine. Mind you, my principal crop is oxalis, so, you know, not a particularly productive garden. That’s what happens when you have a khaki thumb. Your photos are gorgeous, too.

    I have a soft spot for your lawnmowing views. I believe that post is where we first ‘met’. πŸ™‚


  12. I don’t recommend you eat those things, but I know some are edible and are supposed to be amazingly delicious. It has been raining like a mofo here too.


  13. I love the last picture with those gorgeous variegated green growths. It looks like the skirts of a dozen Spanish dancers whirling by!


  14. Your first and last photos are particularly beautiful to me, Maggie. Thank you.



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