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Wildlife Wednesday July, 2014

Thank you Tina for hosting Wildlife Wednesday where people are encouraged to share their wildlife experiences and photos the first Wednesday of each month.

This is argiope aurantia the spider commonly known as the black and yellow garden spider, writing spider, or corn spider.

Hey, cool. A writing spider.

More from Wikipedia, regarding the heavier bit of web in the middle:

The web of the yellow garden spider is distinctive: a circular shape up to 2 feet (60 cm) in diameter, with a dense zigzag of silk, known as a stabilimentum, in the center. The purpose of the stabilimentum is disputed. It is possible that it acts as camouflage for the spider lurking in the web’s center, but it may also attract insect prey, or even warn birds of the presence of the otherwise difficult-to-see web. Only those spiders that are active during the day construct stabilimenta in their webs.


Look out Miss Muffet!

Look out Miss Muffet! Or is that a scary Marge Simpson?




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45 replies

  1. She is gorgeous! Is her name Charlotte by chance?


  2. This is very cool. I want one too! Looks like an overweight wasp in disguise.


  3. What a beautiful spider! I’ve never seen a web, or a stabilimenta like that before. Very special, and can be big too! 🙂


  4. Great shot! Marge Simpson, indeed! Spiders and their webs often serve as my photographic nemesis. Not only is your photo wonderful, but I learned a new term – stabilimenta. It rolls right off the tongue does it not? So good to have you joining the fun at Wildlife Wednesday.


    • Heh heh heh… It does tickle the tongue, does it not? Stabilimenta… you can imagine a waiter in an Italian pizzeria… making the kissing gesture with fingers to lips to express the exquisiteness that is the special seasoning in the sauce… stabilimenta, stabilimenta, stabilimenta!

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  5. Thanks for joining in, Maggie! That’s such a beautiful spider! I used to have them in my gardens, but haven’t seen them for several years. Sniff. Great photo!


  6. They are lovely, but I am still scared of spiders. I was walking in a forest in Guam one day and walked into a huge web that spanned between two palms. The spider luckily wasn’t in it or I scared it away because I totally freaked out. It could have been on Funniest Home Videos.


  7. I like spiders! They eat other bugs, and I respect their predatory nature. My only rule about those that make their home with me is Keep Out of Sight. If I spot you walking across my floor or walls, that’s going to be the last thing you do. I figure that’s just evolution in action — I’m helping the Spider Nation learn to be more discreet. 😀

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  8. Gorgeous photo, Maggie! This just reminded me that last night I dreamt about a spider. A HUGE spider! What a coincidence 😉


  9. EWWWWWW!!! … that was my first reaction when that HUGE picture popped up on the screen.

    My second reaction was to look at it again and noticed the scary artwork on its back. That is one bad-ass spider.


  10. Wow, that is a great shot. I actually like most spiders and I let the long legs live in our house, simply because I think they kill and eat centipedes. Oh, come to think of if, I should take a picture of a centipede. Just wish I could figure out that macro thing. It would really gross people out.


  11. I’ve rescued a few as long as they were cooperative about me getting them out of the house. Maggie, I do hope that that spider is much smaller than the photo. Otherwise … I’m outta here! 😉


  12. Beautiful! Interesting tidbit about the stabilimenta.

    Happy Wildlife Wednesday!


  13. rolling around here, clutching at my sides …. pardon me while I catch my breath Maggie!

    “Or is that Marge Simpson?”

    snorting uncontrollably

    well this certainly was a very interesting way to start the day —- informative with a touch of absolute great humour to ensure memory of this post — alas though, the great info. has now been shuffled sideways in my head —- I’ll be forever caught (in the web) of “Marge Simpson.”

    Great catch – and yeah, the spider’s markings do look like Marge!

    Bravo Maggie!


  14. Eeeeek! Elen gallops back to her blog, screaming all the way.


  15. I would have said, rather than Marge, Mars, as in Mars Attacks


  16. Love the yellow detail, great capture!



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