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Archive for July 2nd, 2014

One Word Photo Challenge: Maroon

Maroon is one of those colours. You know the kind I mean. The kind that is open to interpretation. Which for me, being of perfectionist persuasion, meant I spent way more time pouring over my mineral photos than was wise. Too red/brown/purple. Not red/brown/purple enough. Should be the same colour as claret or burgundy. Well, then the challenge would be claret or burgundy, then, wouldn’t it! [Much exasperated eye-rolling and self-chiding] To do myself a favour and to […]

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Wildlife Wednesday July, 2014

Thank you Tina for hosting Wildlife Wednesday where people are encouraged to share their wildlife experiences and photos the first Wednesday of each month. This is argiope aurantia the spider commonly known as the black and yellow garden spider, writing spider, or corn spider. Hey, cool. A writing spider. More from Wikipedia, regarding the heavier bit of web in the middle: The web of the yellow garden spider is distinctive: a circular shape up to 2 feet […]

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