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Building Rome – Week 31 – Setbacks are not Roadblocks

Building Rome is a weekly mini-challenge hosted by  Bradley Corbett over at Green Embers. The goal is to come up with some small, achievable goals for the week and work toward them. Each week has a theme: this week it’s Marching past setbacks. How to participate: Make a post with your goals for the week and how well you did with the previous week’s goals! Link back to the challenge page. Visit other people who […]

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One Word Photo Challenge: Bronze

This is a pyrite concretion that somewhat fits the colour bronze (bronze-ish?). It formed in shale from Tea Cove, Newfoundland, Canada. The ram shape may have formed around a trilobite fossil. 7.5cm x 5.5cm x 2.0cm More from Wikipedia A concretion is a hard, compact mass of sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of mineral cement within the spaces between the sediment grains. Concretions are often ovoid or spherical in […]

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“Preventing” Poverty NOT a Valid Goal.

So says our federal government to OXFAM. They quibble. You can only limit poverty, you can’t prevent it. Charitable status denied. Next! [Well, charitable status threatened. I wrote “denied” for effect] 52 groups currently undergoing audits The contretemps is yet more evidence of frosty relations between the Harper government and some charities, several dozen of which have been targeted since 2012 for audits of their “political activities.   The Canada Revenue […]

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