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A New Ice Cream Variety: Mugget’s Nuggets

Mugget’s Nuggets. Stories and trivia. A bit nutty. Well, OK, a lot nutty. And rich. In the fat content meaning of the term. Sweet. With sour bits on occasion, depending on how you scoop it. If I am on the shelf too long, I might become hardened, difficult to encourage out. I will most certainly melt in the heat.

Swirls of fudge sauce. Not the faux kind. A core of sweet praline that sticks between your teeth. Stays with you, I mean. In the good way, I mean.  At least that’s the maker’s intent.

Waffle cone: add 5¢


Inspired by the Daily Prompt


When I was a girl, my baby brothers had difficulty saying my name, Margaret. Instead, they called me Mugget. Dad too, all of his life. 

If I ever open a rock and mineral shop, I’m going to call it Mugget’s Nuggets. It would make a good name for a blog, too. Who knows? Maybe someday, after I vanquish the zombies.



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37 replies

  1. Mugget’s Nuggets…love it!


  2. Nuts fudge and pralines…? I want a triple scoop on a cone, please. This waistline can take care of itself 😀


  3. I am splurging today. Two scoops in a cone. Do you do milk shakes?


  4. Maggie’s mind….a terrible thing. This so made me laugh, Mugget! What a great flavor. Eat your hearts out Ben & Jerry!


  5. I love the name Mugget, and your description of the icecream! So gooey and lovable! ❤


  6. I’d like some Muggets Nuggets now please!


  7. Awesome title and flavour Maggie! I love it!

    Great post and reply — and heck, yeah, can I have 3 scopes please? 😉


  8. It actually sounds like a cute euphemism for Muppet poo. And I bet it would be all adorable and puppet-y too.


  9. I think Mugget’s Nuggets is an EXCELLENT blog name. Totally love it!!
    As for the ice cream …. sorry, I’m strictly a black cherry kind of girl 😉


  10. Muggets Nuggets is a good name for anything. especially if your frying stuff, though. You should start a restaurant and fry EVERYTHING. Serve nothing that is not fried. Everything is a nugget. People would mob the place. As long as you didn’t start it in L.A. or NYC, or someplace health conscious, you’re golden.



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