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One Word Photo Challenge: Gold

Gold 443_002

1.3 x 0.6 x 0.2 cm Gold Crystal from the

Garbe and De Maria Mine, California, USA

This gold specimen was part of a collection that displayed in the

1939 San Francisco World’s Fair and Expo.

Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge

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  1. I am not so fond of gold. I am still too heavy to wear my wedding ring, and gave all my other ‘jewels’ away.


  2. Absolutely stunning. I can’t believe you have a piece that was shown at the world’s fair- such an interesting piece of history. Thank you so much for sharing, Maggie 🙂


  3. I have always preferred gold to silver. I know silver is more trendy and whatnot, but that doesn’t change the color of my skin 😉


  4. Beautful specimen. Like a gold-encrusted underwater coral!


    • It is purty,ain’t it? Glad you like.


      • You bet. I went to that website you posted a couple days ago with all the spectacular colored minerals (if I understood correctly, they were photographed with microscopic lenses ??) and they were just about the most fascinating organic material I’ve seen!!


        • There are probably as many different photographic setups as there are photographers. Some have a camera mounted onto the top of a microscope. Others have a series of lens/bellows that increase the macro ability of their camera. (I’m really out in la-la land here – just repeating what I’ve seen written and I do not have a true appreciation or understanding for the equipment in use.). And then there’s the lights and tripods and reflective surfaces. You need to dedicate a significant amount of space for these set-ups. Not to mention time.

          THEN! Since the focal length is so very, very minute, a series of pictures must be taken and manipulated later digitally – it’s called “stacking” – done by software. I’ve tried it, but without success.

          When I first started into the hobby, it was a photo of a micro crystal of azurite that confirmed that this was one hobby I’d like to pursue.


          • Gorgeous!! I can see why you got hooked. I see “tangle” opportunities in that photo!!

            You mentioned space for setups and time to do it all. I also see $$$ in all that equipment, but what beautiful results. Our world is more multi-dimensional in its beauty than any of us realize.


  5. A fascinating thing, both because it looks very cool, and because it is a substance that has had such extraordinary power over we puny humans for so long.


    • Isn’t that the truth? I’ve had this conversation with Reiner many times. Gold really has no “practical” use in our life – it’s too soft for many applications – though that makes it useful in microchips. It’s really rather arbitrary the value we have assigned to it.


      • It’s also commonly used to plate electrical contacts because it doesn’t tarnish.

        Do I understand that it came out of the ground looking like that? It wasn’t worked in any way (except maybe cleaned up)? Amazing!


        • Yes, and as you no doubt know, there is significant reward to be had in “mining” landfills for old circuit boards, especially with the price of gold in the $1200 – 1300 per ounce range.

          You understand correctly. This is a gold crystal (as opposed to a nugget or simply a blob of the stuff) and it came from the ground just as it is. Probably had some dirt washed off and there you are.


  6. This reminds me of sculptures I saw recently where an artist would pour concrete down an ants’ colony and make art out of it. It looks a bit like this, was really very cool!


  7. This one is like a beautiful sculpture!



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