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Early To Bed

Willaim Donahey via

Willaim Donahey via

Just as I never deny my tummy a meal, I am very careful to follow the bedtime schedule.  9:00 rolls around, I yawn and take myself upstairs to brush my teeth. Lights out at 10:00. Hardly a variation. Longer daylight hours notwithstanding, which makes me feel like an old fart, you have no idea.

Of course the early to bed has everything to do with the early to rise: we are up at 5:40 to allow Reiner enough time to prepare his breakfast and to get ready for his commute to work. He catches a train to Toronto and it leaves the local station at 7:25.

However! That is about to change this week because Reiner is up north at Noront’s mine camp. He joins some geo-physicists to help interpret their research results.

noront map

Click on through for the locality information on Mindat

The camp is about two-thirds of the way between Thunder Bay and James Bay, as the crow flies. Actually, there are very few options to get to the site other than “as the crow flies.” He leaves Toronto tomorrow by charter plane to pick up passengers in Thunder Bay, then by float plane to Nakina and then a helicopter ride to the site. God willing and Mercury Retrograde otherwise preoccupied. Now that’s a commute!




Meanwhile, back at the fort:

  • I will enjoy sleeping in. If the cat allows. Oscar is on “Reiner Time”.
  • I won’t make the bed. Because, I don’t mind it unmade.
  • I’ll leave the dishes until I have a sink-full, which will be Thursday, just in time for his return.
  • I’ll continue to conduct my nightly routine in normal fashion. That is, washed and brushed in five minutes, versus the 30 or 45 minutes it takes Reiner to prepare himself for bed. If there is one thing that delays lights out, it’s his fastidious routine.
  • And I will miss him like crazy.

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  1. I love “nappy time” which I can’t do when I’m working. The boss, for some odd reason, has issues with that. 😉 Love your story and that beautiful illustration. Thank you for following me.


    • If I could do it over, work-wise, for once I’d like to experience one of those progressive workplaces – the kind that have day care, and flex time and your office is poolside (swimming or billiards… or both!) and the kind that encourages naps.

      I am struggling at this very minute between a cup of coffee and paying the price later, or a nap. I think I’ll pay the price.

      I look forward to reading more of your work!


  2. Oh I know what you mean. When my husband is away for a few days I enjoy the very casual schedule for a while. I treat myself to meals he won’t eat. It’s all good until I start missing him. The cats, on the other hand, will jockey for his spot on the bed.


  3. I’m impressed by your nightly ritual! I fight sleep until the very last minute in order to make my day as long as possible. Then, I get up early when my husband does. This invariably causes me to take an afternoon coffee or tea break (which I’m doing now). Hope the time passes quickly until Reiner is back home safe and sound! 🙂


  4. I need to get a nightly ritual–I’m inspired to begin working on one. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I really enjoy it when Gilles goes away for a few days. I’m on total ME time. I usually stay up much later than normal, but get up at the same time in the mornings. My favourite though is control of the TV remote – it’s either blissfully quiet or I go on a Netflix binge for hours at a time. Ahhh – good times 🙂

    … but you are right, I always look forward to having him come home again!

    Hope you enjoy your YOU time 🙂


    • THAT’S what I forgot to do! Arrange for some movies! Thanks for the reminder!

      Thanks, Joanne. I just heard from him. He’s en route from downtown TO to the airport on the “express” bus. He left at 6 and is just now on the Gardiner. Bumper to bumper. He thinks he might get in to his room by 9.

      So glad it’s not me. So glad!


  6. AWW! Well, if left to my own devices, I’m up until midnight, then a bath, then hot tea and a book, and when I can’t keep my eyes open, sleep. No matter 2 or 4, I wake around 11:30 to noon. I make the bed tho. lol


  7. I like your rigidity in schedule, and in some sense, I aspire to that as my nightly schedule has become more and more irregular in the last few years. I’m going to blog about that tomorrow, given that my post was pre-prepared for today prior to perusing the prompt.


    • It seems onerous, but I’ve become habituated to it. Certainly it is not for everyone. I mean, movies have a 9 o’clock seating and parties just start to get rolling at 9 or 10… so yes, I miss out on some things. But that’s OK. I look forward to reading your post tomorrow.


  8. I love the way you think Maggie. 😀


  9. Your description of what you would be doing while your partner was away had me laughing with camaraderie – I never do the dishes until B. is a day away, never make the bed, try to sleep in unsuccessfully and I’m always stunned by how long it takes him to wander through his end of the day routines and get in bed. Hilarious. Hope all goes well on the big commute and you enjoy while missing.


  10. I love your last comment as it reminds me of Chris. I have no idea why it takes him so long in the bathroom! Long enough for me to read 1, or sometimes, 2 chapters! Hope you enjoy your time alone, doing, or not doing the things you want to do.


    • And here’s another sister in waiting! Yup, I read a chapter, my eyes start to close and I drift off and then snap awake, which is always something of an annoyance, because it takes me longer to fall asleep after that. So I read another chapter and he finally comes to bed, gets all snuggled up and then bolts upright!

      WHAT? I exclaim, startled.

      I forgot to floss my teeth.



  11. Canada must be great. Everyone who writes about it (including you!) portrays a place that is just very attractive to me. Australia must be great, too. Loved this post!

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  12. You and I have opposite body clocks. It’s 10:05 pm as I’m reading your post, and I’m just winding up for a couple hours of blogosphere and catching up with connections. (But earlier today? Ohhhh, I craved a nap.)

    I make the bed after my shower. That shower might be at 10 am, or at 4 pm …. or tomorrow. But the bed will be made! 😉

    But to have the house to ourselves for a few days? I’m with you there — heaven! (It’s nice to miss our other halves, isn’t it???) 🙂


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