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Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

Drink Up

Joey at birdbath... but wait!This photo was taken in 2008. That’s Joey taking a drink from the bird bath.

But wait! Who else has stopped by for a visit to the pond?

A hint: she’s not a garden ornament.

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge Click on over to see more contributions.

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26 replies

  1. Good morning, Maggie. This photo is wonderful–love the cat! This is your backyard? Beautiful!


  2. We get some of these moving lawn ornaments in our pond too. They are beautiful but they step on or eat my plants!


  3. This is a great photo especially for the weekly challenge. It does look like an ornament at first glance. Well captured!!


  4. What are the chances of catching such an unusual photo?! Either animal alone would have made a great picture! Love it … and your garden is lovely too 🙂


    • Thanks, Joanne! The garden in in transition (when is it not?) The trees are gone – they were black walnut) and the pond is now a “swamp” garden. The daylilies have filled in quite nicely, as have the hosta.


  5. What an awesome picture!! My husband and I love it! You have a gorgeous yard! 🙂 Happy weekend!


  6. What a wonderful picture! Thank you for sharing!


  7. Maggie, Just love your garden and capturing those two animals in one shot is serendipitous. Beautiful. You are obviously a dedicated gardener. Having written about over use of some words, I’m being caught up with spelling mistakes. xx


    • I asked Reiner if he remembered how the shot came to be. He said we saw the deer first and Joey at the drink was the bonus.

      As for typos: no worries, Barbara! Editor to the rescue! Plus I inserted a link to your post.


  8. Wonderful shot, Maggie – simply wonderful ! But … can you explain how come there’s a bloody DEER in the garden ? I mean, do they just wander about, or what ? 😕


    • Exactly that, M-R. They just wander in. Only when it’s quiet, though. They have become quite tame. When we go for our walks, they don’t bolt but keep a safe distance (10 meters or so) and watch us intently.

      We live on the edge of a ravine, adjacent to several hundred acres of woodland which in turn is next to farmland. That farmland is now designated residential and the animals’ habitat is shrinking toward us. That’s part of the situation.

      The other part is that we three neighbours feed the birds which draws them and neighbour north feeds the deer corn.

      I’ve been meaning to write a piece called “The Back 40”. Maybe later this summer when my school work is finito.


      • How wonderful ! – but how appalling, the shrinkage of habitat. When does it ever stop ? At what point do we acknowledge that we have taken everything the animals have …?
        “The Back 40” will be about ALL of it, I know; so I look forward to your having the time for it.


  9. What a wonderful capture of a non-ornament!! Did she eat any of your beautiful plants in addition to her drink from the pond?! 🙂



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