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Writing 101, Day One, Unlock the Mind with Twenty Minutes of Jesse Cook

It’s Monday. I’ve got my errands done and then some. Posted the parcels, banked my cheque, picked up the soldering iron at Canadian Tire and since I’d rather not take a nap, a coffee double cream and bran muffin from Tim’s.

I had grand plans of walking today… but you know what they say about that… my excuse: too hot. I know, I know, I said that I was not going to complain about the heat (or the humidity!) this summer given the polar vortexes of winter past. Reminds me: my friend quipped, “So. If we get ungodly heat this summer do we call it a SOLAR vortex?” She should blog, she really should. I think you’d enjoy her writing.

Not only is it too hot, but windy! Just the kind of wind that runs ahead of tornado weather. Eyes to the skies, my friends. Eyes to the skies. Last year, on a day much like today, the sky turned black around dinner time and thunder rumbled in the distance. I was outside watching. So was neighbour south. He and I kibitzed until Reiner got home. It rained like stink, but the storm didn’t amount to much considering the preamble and dire weather warnings.

It turns out that just a mere five kilometers north garden sheds were flying and hundred-year-old trees fell. A swath of damage from Paris to St George. Of course, a trailer park was hit. Remarkably, only property damage – no harm to people. Funny, eh? No one considers the loss to creatures and their habitat.

Another reason (I’ve got a million of ‘em) that I didn’t walk: today is pollen day. Could barely see out the windshield the yellow layer was so thick. I can barely keep my eyes peeled to type this Writing 101 post. But looky- here – see the diligence and dedication?

Nah, that’s just me avoiding my AutoCAD assignment. As I say, I’ve got a million of ‘em. And the caffeine is kicking in so watch out!

I first encountered Jesse Cook’s music when I lived in London. That, and his more recent concert in Brantford are two of a handful of music events in my life. I don’t do large noisy gatherings. I’ve been to one or two classical music performances in London, as well – noon hour freebies at the university. My very first concert was to see Valdy perform in a movie house in downtown Kitchener. I fell asleep. No offence to Mr. Valdy. Loved his tunes and played them continuously. But yeah. The house was warm. And the music was gentle and soothing.

Wait! There WAS a concert that I attended before Valdy – but I dismiss it as a candidate for the list because the second that I sat in the seat of the school auditorium I was blasted out of it. The volume was set to destroy and it shook my through. I had to leave. And was confounded by the fact that my classmates were compelled to stay! I guess for most, that kind of musical experience energizes and lifts spirits. To me it is an assault and I find it very difficult to process it without feeling angry and confused, as if I’m trying to figure out why I am being punished.

Twenty minutes up? Thank you Mr. Cook!

This entry is the first in Writing 101.






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28 replies

  1. Oh my gosh, this is the first time I’ve heard of him! What an amazing talent. And, he’s headed my way in July! I avoid large, noisy gatherings too, but the venue where he will be appearing is perfect. Thank you for your post, and for the link.


  2. Great post and love this track!


  3. oh dear. I wonder if that happens to Valdy a lot. I liked his songs too but I admit to also falling asleep during one of his concerts. They should have ‘mellow’ warnings on the ticket stubs. I felt so guilty.


    • OK, you must forgive me, but your comment just cracks me up! If I’ve learned one thing about blogging it’s this: I am not alone. You name a thing and someone has done that thing, seen that thing, knows about that thing.

      But! Falling asleep at a Valdy concert? Is a thing?

      Don’t answer that. For yes, apparently, it is.

      And poof. The shame disappears!



  4. I adore Jesse Cook. Have you heard his version of Cecilia?
    He’s not hard to look at either! Nice post, Maggie.


  5. Oops. Don’t listen to that one! Too long. Here’s the one I meant to post:


  6. Darn! The man can play! You should see me dancing–and I can’t dance!!


  7. It might sound silly but when I checked my “Reader” and it said “One New Post” I quietly said, ‘hope it is Maggie’ and it was!
    Thanks for this (Paris, St. George is sort of my neck of the woods…grew up in Lynden) little read today. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Always enjoy your look at the world Maggie. This music is new to me too. Great!


  9. That made me laugh out loud! I love Jesse Cook. Not so keen on your wild storms. As far as the walking perhaps I can lend you some of my endorphins 🙂


  10. I love Jessie Cook’s music too – especially when I’m sewing or crafting. An obvious glean from your post that you reside in the Brantford area – I know that neck of the woods well, spent my childhood on a relatives farm in St. George.


  11. Wow! bet his fingers were tingling at the end! I must see if any of his music is on MOG, hubby has a sub. It was hard doing that first Writing 101 task while watching the clock, I should have set an alarm. Fourth day of winter here and I’m missing summer heat already! 🙂


  12. Had never heard of this guy either–amazing. LOVE flamenco, and the jazz angle tossed in was so fine–thank you, Maggie! Fun post, too. You know what makes me do my walking, and hill walking at that? Gravity’s effects on my aging backside. But somehow I have been slacking on my door pushups for my slacking arms. Sigh. Need some motivation there. Any ideas? A pic of Jack LaLanne pulling boats with his teeth at age 90?

    (Door pushups ‘causa’ the lupus back…)


  13. Hey OB. Yeah, gravity is my friend, except when I’m walking uphill. Or downhill. I’m a slacker, I’ll admit.

    Here’s some motivation for both of us. Not Jack, but Olga – 94 years old and a track and field star. “In 2009 alone, the year she turned 90, she set 20 world records.”

    You are an inspiration to me, OB. I tried your suggestion, btw, about walking mindfully and lifting my drag-y leg. It made a big difference and was easier than I thought to do and maintain.


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