The Zombies Ate My Brains

Rescuing what might remain of the grey matter.

Junior Bridesmaid


My sis’ wedding party from too many years ago! May 15, 1965

Here’s the story behind this snapshot cut-and-pasted from my Facebook page. 

Reiner’s son: woooooooooh…….. 60’s wedding…

Maggie Wilson: what gave it away? all the pointy things?

A friend: is that you the smallest of them all or r u the one the person fixing the veil

Maggie Wilson: I guess I should tag this! That’s me, the 9-year-old “junior bridesmaid”

Kathleen: Hard to believe the 2 on the left side are both gone, one to cancer and one to heart attack and the one on the far right is in hospital with a stroke, so keep well Maggie.

Maggie Wilson: you too, Kathy! And best wishes to your friend.

Another Friend: great pic!

Kathleen: She is my sister-in-law Bruce’s youngest sister 67 she was in Fla this yr when it happened, not expecting her to have a stoke, not over weight, doesn’t smoke or drink now back in Sarnia hospital where she lives, her left side is paralyzed but she is coming slowly takes time.

My dad, and the father-of-the bride, took this shot. That’s probably why I’m looking directly at the camera. He called for my attention. That or the camera hog in me was alive and well.

Kathleen is Dad’s daughter from his first marriage. She was about sixteen when I was born. She lived with the family for a very short while, but then stayed with Orton and Florence. This shot is taken outside of their farm home.

When she announced the wedding, I begged Kathy to choose me as flower girl. I clearly recall pouting at what I considered the second-best designation of junior bridesmaid. Man, I was a handful as a kid.

Mom made the bridesmaids’ dresses, but I’m not sure if she made the bride’s dress or not. I felt like a princess in that pink dress. It had a crinoline. LOVED crinolines! They made a terrific crunchy noise.

During the meal after the service, I sat at the extreme left-hand side of the head table.  Not too long into the meal, someone started to tap their cutlery against a glass and soon the entire room followed suit. I had no idea what was going on and looked up from my roast chicken in mid-swallow.

People started calling out “Kiss! Kiss!” Kathy and Bruce stood from their seats and obliged the audience.

The bridesmaid next to me explained the tradition.


She went on to say that it will happen all through the meal.

“Oh, okay.”

She then said that the maid of honour and the best man will kiss next.

“That’s nice, I guess.”

Dinner resumed and I got caught up in the fun, clanging on my water-glass with as much gusto as anyone. But then I detected a pattern.


Sure enough, after the maid of honour and best man had their smooch, the next couple out from the center took a turn. And the next.

When my turn came, the groomsman walked over to my seat. I, on the other hand did not stand up, forcing him to lean in for a kiss. He missed. Not just an air-kiss, but a complete miss. I had vanished. I slid off my seat and parked myself under the table.

Much to everyone’s amusement.



I can relate





Grace van Cutsem, 3-year old bridesmaid at the Royal Wedding April 29th, 2011

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28 replies

  1. I had to laugh at your comment about ‘all the pointy things.’ You talking shoes or bras? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like this photo — it’s definitely evocative of the days when high heels made divots in linoleum floors! Everyone looks pretty and young and you don’t look grumpy at all. 🙂


  3. Great story. My sister also married when I was 10 years old but my story isn’t nearly as interesting. I cried :/


  4. aah, I suppose you were sad to see her leave home?


  5. That is a classic ’60’s wedding photo. What a delight!


  6. And I think my bras are uncomfortable until I see those points!! I’ve never heard of anyone but the bride and groom kissing for clinks. That’s just weird to have the attendants kiss each other! Even for the 60s!


  7. That is a great photo! Love the pointy shoes. I think I was 4 when this was taken. 😀


  8. This reminds me of the first wedding I went to… the daughter of our neighbour (before the Readers moved in). I was really little and my two years older “friend” from two doors down told me there will be the bride and a bunch of her friends for support and then she gets to CHOOSE one of the 4 or 5 guys in suits. I was beside myself wondering which guy she was going to choose and then consumed with why she chose the guy she did. I was miffed when my mom told me what really happened and relieved for the 4 guys that weren’t chosen.

    And the bride wore RED.


    • Loved this story, Karen, thanks! Red? In those days? That was really “out there” even for the 60’s, wasn’t it? Then again, maybe not. Let it never be said that I have my finger on the pulse of current trends. Now or then.


  9. Excellent! Great photo, great memories, great post. My service in family weddings when I was a shrimp was similarly impressive. There was the one where my big sister and I made our white gloves black as coal by rubbing them on the altar rail during the whole ceremony. But my best performance was probably the uncle’s wedding where there was a small, quiet pause in the service and I (who had only just learned to talk) blurted out loudly: BALONEY!!! My parents were so proud. I’d’a been a great partner-in-crime for ditching the kissing by sliding under the table. Well done! 😀


    • Hi Kathryn – hope your cold is better? Thanks for a delightful comment.

      LOL! I can just hear the word “BALONEY” echoing to the rafters and the subsequent uproar.

      The under the table thing: it reminds me that I was well-practiced in the maneuver. Our kitchen was just large enough to accommodate a table for the family of five. The table was squeezed between the counter and stove on one side and the dish-sink on the other. Getting in and out of our seats had to be coordinated. More often than not, I would be done eating before mom. So as not to disturb her, I’d slide off my seat, under the table, and crawl out the other side.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Priceless, Maggie: so sweet and funny. Love it. xxx


  11. What a beautiful post full of memories. I hate to say I was married in 1967 and had those embarrassingly pointy boobs too, what a beautiful girl you were/ are Maggie!


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