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Common Denominator

Nope,  not math. But what does each of these images have in common? Here’s a hint: theme and variation Photo Credits: Treadle Sewing Machine POTUS Pretty Bird Castaway Gallinago delicata Margaret Tool Time Local Scenery Near Inverhaugh, Ontario Very Pretty Bird

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Slips, Trips, and Falls Part Four

Dad said, “Good God, Margaret, why don’t you watch where you are walking! You’re as clumsy as an elephant!” A boyfriend said, “I hope you don’t allow yourself to get out of shape. There is no excuse for that.” An ex-husband said nothing. It was the silent treatment after I had trouble climbing the steep banks on the shore of Lake Erie. I had to stop once or twice to […]

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Awards: Award Free?

Originally posted on Barbara Pyett:
This week Irene Waters kindly recommended me for some awards, as did Jodie Llewellyn a few weeks ago for the Liebster award. I feel greatly privileged to have receive their flattering messages. On consideration, I’ve decided to become an award free blog and decided they needed an explanation for this decision. The reason for this is that I appreciate so many blogs; I do…

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Get the Stink Blowed Off

I know a couple of bloggers who if they were to check their search engine terms will find “smelly pipes” in the list. Not particularly dazzling as far as outrageous double entendres go, I’ll admit. Lately, however, we’ve had stinky sinks and putrid pipes. The search for solutions continues. (I am ambivalent about alliteration, by the way.) One writer alarmed me with talk off explosions and the need to seal doors and […]

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One Word Photo Challenge – Grey

Grey stibnite crystals with white dolomite. 2.7 cm x 1.5 cm x 1.2 cm From the McLaughlin Mine, Napa County, California Stibnite is an ore of antimony. Historically it has been used in cosmetics, as eyeliner(kohl) and as a type lead in typesetting. Today antimony is used as an alloying material with lead and tin and is used in acid batteries. As an alloy, antimony improves the properties of solders, bullets […]

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rocks!

Oh have I got pictures of rocks. Ever since taking up mineral collecting I’ve got big rocks and green rocks and glittery rocks and radioactive rocks. Some might say I’ve got rocks in my head, or that I am a rock star. But this is a shot that I took before I met my geologist hubby. Which means, I’ve always had a thing for rock. It is a lime kiln found near Limehouse, […]

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A Public Service Announcement

Last week I paid a visit to my friend, Karen. She picked me up at home and we drove north via the 401 and 400.  The posted speed limit is 100 kph. Most drivers travel at least 20 kph over that. However, we managed to find ourselves behind a driver who was travelling below 100. “He’s probably texting,” said Karen. “Yeah?” “Yeah. My brother-in-law is a police officer. He said […]

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