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Is this On?

Intermittent Static and Noise

Intermittent Static and Noise

Testing, testing…

Check, check…



Are you having the same difficulty as I am with WP today?

I can only intermittently access your blogs from reader on both my desktop and my tablet. If I am lucky enough to read a post, the moment I click to comment or like, it simply hangs.

I was able to check the forums and no one has reported similar issues.

Don’t know what I expect from this post, but I thought I’d let you know.

Over and out.

PS  I can surf just fine to my other internet destinations.

CapturePPS – for Sammy: check to see that your dashboard list of posts has the correct icon selected: the one in blue shown here will display a list of your posts’ titles. If you select the icon next to it, it will display the first paragraph, or snippet of text of each post.



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  1. 10-4 back door. I read you. Over and out. No problems on this end but then I wouldn’t know how to check a forum if my life depended on it.


  2. I haven’t had trouble such as you describe but I believe the like button and/or comment button on my blog have stopped working….hmmmm maybe everyone is trying to tell me something!?


  3. Breaker Breaker you’re coming through loud and clear, but has your “posts” list completely changed?? I can no longer see a nice list of drafts, scheduled, etc. – i get paragraphs of my posts I have to scroll through. WHY DO THEY CHANGE WHAT’s ALREADY WORKING ?!?!?!


    • I hear ya, loud and clear: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
      I couldn’t access my dashboard or stats page from my desktop yesterday. It’s fine today, so far.
      I’ve added an image to the post – if you want the list of posts to display as titles, make sure that the little icon is blue as shown. The icon to the right will display the posts as a snippet of the first how-many-ever words.


      • Thanks, I’ll see if that’s what I need to get my list back. So frustrating to have to “futz” with this stuff. Glad you are back in action!


      • Yay, thank you; you’re a genius, Maggie! I can now see my post list on my dashboard altho’ still not on “posts” but at least I have my list back. i’m a lister; I can’t function without lists!!

        A pox on WP gremlins and maybe CB radios will make a comeback. Wouldn’t that be fun. I’ll have to think of a “handle”. 🙂


  4. When is it ever REALLY working? That’s the bigger question…

    Now, watch my entire site crash!


  5. Make sure you are clearing your cookies and deleting your browsing history. If they are too full, Word Press won’t work right.

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    • Thanks for confirming my strategies and your more detailed comment to Barbara – I did try a different browser, and cleared my cookies etc., (that sounds kinda rude, doesn’t it? “clear my cookies” 😉 ) but it made no difference.
      That was then, this is now and now we seem to be back to business!

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  6. I just have a bunch of people missing…


  7. I have gaps in the people I follow, they don’t always come through. What does Pavanneh mean, clearing cookies and deleting browsing history? I have no idea how to do that!! :mrgreen:

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  8. When you open your internet browser to log into Word Press, whether it is Internet Explorer, Google, Microsoft, etc. You can go to the “tools” button that is usually to the far right of the screen and looks like a wheel with spokes or a set of vertical lines. Click on that and go to “security” you can delete your cookies and browsing history there. It is pretty much the same for all of the browsers. When I had problems it was because I had not deleted my Google browser/cookies in almost a month. There was a lot in there.


  9. Hope your problems have been resolved!


  10. It was behaving erratically for me yesterday, Maggie – but not today (touch wood) …


  11. I haven’t been able to post pictures today, and yesterday I had quite a time getting other people’s posts to show up when I clicked on them in the reader. I’m on vacation and really want to post my pictures, too! 😦


    • That is exactly the type of problem I had yesterday – you are my first stop today, so far so good. (fingers crossed) Hope it works better for you today, too. I want to see your photos!
      PS – I was unable to comment on your post about the house for sale – may I just say, “Phew! That was a close call!”


      • It certainly was! I still can’t stop thinking about the beautiful wood floors in that place, but I have to remind myself that they come with that neighbor! LOL
        I’m glad to know that our WP woes have nothing to do with my technology deficits! I’m going to give things a try again here in a minute, so my fingers are crossed, too! 🙂 Have a nice day!

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  12. WP seems to be redesigning itself — not for the better, in my view — and that may account for the malfunctions. My problem is difficulty in editing drafts. WP has suddenly taken to showing me my drafts as if they were in my Reader, and when I click “Edit” at the bottom I get a screen telling me Safari has nowhere to go. What I now have to do is click the headline of the draft to get the whole thing (as if it had already been published) and then click the “Edit” at the bottom of that — which brings me back to the old format for drafting posts, which I had got to know and like. V-e-r-y circuitous, time-consuming, and unnerving. Grrrrr!


    • Hi Nina! GRRR indeed!

      I get that a site such as WP will need to build and renovate to accommodate god knows how many browsers and platforms and other social media sites while remaining intact and secure. I get that. But would it kill them to send out a notice that we might experience hiccups? That it might be a good day to vacuum and dust because there’s no point in trying to blog?

      It is circuitous, time-consuming, and unnerving, exactly. It makes me want to consider other venues, like Blogger. Or maybe pray that Google/Blogger takes over WP so we can have the best of both worlds. As I understand it, anyway.

      I hope things run more smoothly for you today, Nina.


      • A notice about impending hiccups: what a good idea!

        Don’t go away to Blogger. I’m sure there are problems over there, too! The advice I was given by experienced bloggers before I began last October was that WP was best, easiest to navigate, and most accommodating.

        In any event, I adapt. I make a lot of noise about it, but I’m pretty resilient. And I bet you are, too. 😀


        • Yeah, I’ll stick around – I tried Blogger first since I’m already doing everything else Google. But I did find WP easier to set up and tweak. “They” tell me that the community is better here, too, but I’d imagine that there is an equivalent Blogger community out there, too and plenty of overlap between the two.


  13. I said my bit here yesterdayabout WPs performance, customer care etc and blow me down if it didn’t then say ‘Error – your comment could not be posted’.
    Probably a good thing. It did include the odd ‘bloody’.


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