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I Almost forgot Zucchini!

It’s a gorgeous day today and almost noon, so I’ve decided to take a break from the blazing sun and rest my weary wearies.

The garden is half completed. The herb bed is pumping out chives and thyme, the perennial perennials. I planted a couple of backup thyme because the older mama plant took a hit from the severe winter. Parsley plants are transplanted, and I’ve sown assorted leaf lettuce, spinach, and coriander/cilantro.

Elsewhere in the plot are Brussels sprouts and broccoli. I’m a sucker for punishment with these two vegetables. I have yet to have any luck in this garden with the Brassica . This year I’ve amended the soil with fresh dark top soil. I hope that makes a difference. I loves me sprouts.

An Oregano volunteer - these babies are EVERYwhere.

An Oregano volunteer – these babies are EVERYwhere.

Oregano volunteers are still everywhere. They are indestructible, apparently. The oregano slope is taking shape and the transplants, carelessly yanked out and plopped into place with barely a “by-your-leave” look like they’ve been there forever. Gotta love that kind of coöperation!

Awesome variety - hardy, prolific, sweet, and not too acid-y

Sweet Gold Cherry Tomatoes: Awesome variety – hardy, prolific, sweet, and not too acid-y

Along the southern facing wall of the house, I’ve planted tomatoes, sweet red peppers, hot red peppers and jalapeno, too. These heat seeking annuals thrive in this space. To fill in the gaps between the tomatoes, I’ve planted basil. I had pesto for the first time at Karen’s and enjoyed it. If nothing else, they will make a pretty display until the tomatoes fill out and threaten to overtake the neighbourhood.

Royal Burgundy - Click through for Vesey's Seeds from PEI

Royal Burgundy – Click through for Vesey’s Seeds from PEI

Yet to be sown are green, yellow, and purple string beans. “Royal Burgundy” is a novel variety that is quite functional when it comes time to blanch the beans. They will turn green when heated. You stop the steaming process at the moment all of the purple is gone, transfer the beans to cold water to stop the cooking, bag ’em up and off to the freezer!

Hm. Now that I think of it, I still have beans in the freezer from last year. I love beans, but Reiner…? Not so much. I suppose this means I’m going to have some garden space left over if I scale back in the bean department.

Wait! I forgot zucchini! Ack! How is that possible? I must have zucchini. What will I offer the neighbours by way of compensation for the runaway tomatoes? Besides beans, oregano, and tomatoes, that is.

Still Live - Cat and Giant Summer Squash

Still Life – Slumbering Summer Squash with Cat


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  1. In the town where I live in NM you must lock your car if you park it on the street. Else, people will place bags of Zucchini in. 😀


    • That’s funny. And cool. I like that particular community spirit. Here’s something I’ve thought of doing – bundle up a zuke like a foundling babe and attach a recipe for zucchini brownies and leave it on someone’s doorstep.

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  2. Good gosh, Maggie! I am worn out with all your planting but what a fantastic garden you have. I thought about doing a little weeding in my backyard this morning…..rethought that. 🙂


    • Are you saying it’s nap time? 😉
      The garden is small – I’ll post a photo some day when things are a bit more lush. It’s maybe 150 square feet.
      Don’t worry, the weeds will be there another day! Weeds have free range in our yard. That’s another post, too – why I decided to not mow the lawn.


  3. Oh, well done you, Maggie ! I just discovered that brussels sprouts are MARVELLOUS in a vegetable curry – and I would never have thought so. They hold their shape well and provide some … ahh … solidity. Is that your cat ? Do we know about him/her ? Have I been sloppy in my reading ?


  4. Your garden sounds full of potential! Stuffed zucchini is a favourite here. In Italy they stuff summer veggies with breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, pepper and salt and olive oil. Cook in moderate oven. A meal of stuffed veg could include: tomatoes, onions, eggplant and zucchini. Yum!


  5. Your garden sounds wonderful … and ambitious 🙂
    We are hopeless gardeners and I’ve given up even trying now – except for some herbs. Someday – maybe again 🙂


  6. You absolutely cannot forget the zucchini because zucchini bread is the best thing ever! Leave it to me to take something healthy and junkify it but fresh zucchini from your garden would make the best bread ever, Maggie! You’re so ambitious to do all that and the kitty picture is just darling!

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  7. I love zucchini. 😀 And I love to make Zucchini bread. My husband better get my garden up and going next year.


  8. I loved the visual imagery of your words … and the visuals of the photos, especially your very real Still Life!

    (And if I was closer I’d take all the extra beans you have in a heartbeat. Oh yummmmmmmm.)


  9. Zucchini pasta! (1) Buy a vegetable spiralizer (they’re on Amazon); (2) spiralize five large zucchini (for two people); (3) sauté the strips of zucchini in olive oil with chopped garlic till al dente (use large frying pan; zucchini will shrink but starts out bulky); (4) serve with favorite tomato sauce (fresh or otherwise) and/or grated parmesan. Easy, healthy and cheap. 😀 (I don’t do hard cooking anymore.)


  10. P.S. Your pussycat is yummy, too!


  11. Wow can I put my order in for fresh vegetables? The photo of the cat and the zucchini is great. Slumbering squash. Hilarious!


  12. Awesome post Maggie — and I don’t know why, but I keep forgetting that you’re writing (and I presume) are Canadian — forgive my brain fog at the moment —- and so when I see little links to Canadian stuff it makes me smile! Yay!

    Go Hab—– er —- Zucchinis go! nothing as much fun as wild zucchini’s clambering all over the place.

    Oh, almost forgot —- strangely enough – you mentioned the hitch-hiking oregano — well this is the !st year, that for whatever reason — the oregano is literally popping up in the oddest of places. I mean, I know oregano is easy – really easy — but there must have been something up with last season’s sumthin’ sumthin’ — ’cause its never been that rampantly nuts — almost rivals for mint. Just thought you might like to know. 🙂


    • I am Canadian – currently residing in steamy southern Ontario. No fog weather-wise, but I know exactly the brain condition to which you refer! What did you say your name was again? 😉

      Interesting to note that your oregano plant(s) have been busy propagating, too. Last year, in these parts anyway, was a very good growing season. Lots of blooms and lots of sun and just the right amount of rainfall. So I would imagine the oregano benefited like the rest.

      Enjoy the rest of the Stanley Cup!


      • Thanks Maggie — well I live in the Laurentians, although I’m originally from Montreal (go Habs go!) —so last year was interesting. Many of the plants and perennials went bonkers – growing far larger and bushier than usual – when the days are hot and steamy – they are, but the nights here in “cottage country” are cool – about 85% of the time — so it can “slow” things down, or temper them a bit.

        I don’t know how or why my oregano has shown up 30 feet from the original mothership – er plants – but little tufts of it are everywhere – which suits me fine. Ground cover away and attract the bees!

        Hope you have a wonderful and bountiful gardening season Maggie!

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  13. Maggie, your energy is non-stop: Class, rock-hounding, blogging, gardening–you must need very little sleep.

    Gosh, and all you ambitious folk! All I ever grew in recent years was flowers–but then, we let our pet bunnies roam free, and they put the kibosh on anything else (and ate quite a few of the nicer flowers, too, the dear, sweet blankety-blanks!).


    • In all seriousness: it sounds good on paper (or pixels – your choice) but truly I am not as energetic as it sounds. Nor am I fastidious in my house or yard work. I’m a big fan of “that’s good enough.” It must be some kind of social media affect – you get the impression that I’m up to my eyeballs, but I’m not. I need lots of sleep and get 8 – 9 hours. Plus a nap sometimes.


  14. When I was in high school one summer my girlfriend’s mom gave us 26 zukes to take to door to door around their rural neighborhood–all of them at least as big as in your picture above. Instead, we drove elsewhere. It was a Saturday afternoon on a road full of strangers doing yard work. I wore dark glasses and her father’s day-glo orange hunting cap, leaning halfway out the window. Each tme we approached a new stranger I would yell in an exagerated Italian accent, “Ev-ah-ree-buddy watcha outa, itsa zucchini bomb-ba.” and lob said fruit at their feet. I reveal this only now, knowing that the statute of limitations has been reached.

    I just planted two hills this weekend–8 plants–in my own garden. Damn.


  15. How lucky it would be to be your neighbor at harvest time.


    • Hey there, thanks for reading and commenting!

      Now for an update: unfortunately, zucchini might be a bust this year. Not sure why, and it may be too soon to tell, but the plants are off to a very slow and pitiful performance. Tomatoes on the other hand… LOADS!



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