Maggie Wilson Author

Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

Common Denominator

Nope,  not math. But what does each of these images have in common?

Here’s a hint: theme and variation

Photo Credits:

Treadle Sewing Machine


Pretty Bird


Gallinago delicata


Tool Time

Local Scenery Near Inverhaugh, Ontario

Very Pretty Bird

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15 replies

  1. Wilson.
    So how long did it take for you to put that collection together, pray ? [grin]
    What a RIPPER, Maggie !


  2. I love it! Especially the one of the Home Improvement character who never showed his face. . . I always thought that was such a fun, quirky aspect of the show.


  3. Oh. Well I had no idea last night, but I got it just now! I think my brain hurts 😉


  4. Was wonderin’ what would work when, without warning: “Wah-la!”! ; )

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years…. glad there are bright people out there!! :mrgreen:


  6. LOVE this… brilliant! 😉


  7. Whaaat? Even knowing the answer I still don’t get it. The birds are throwing me off … and the old photograph with the tall urn…and what about the green space???? I feel so clueless!!


  8. Yeah, it wasn’t all that well thought-out, clue wise. Sorry about that.
    All of the birds are Wilsons – warbler, snipe, and bird of paradise. The urn photo is of Margaret Wilson, daughter to the President.
    The green space, that was a dumb entry on my part. It is a very little known area near Conestogo/St Jacobs called Wilson’s Flats
    I wonder, can you see the captions for the photos on your reader? That might have helped.


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