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Awards: Award Free?

It’s time I do the same. I’ve set up this page, next to “About Me”.

Barbara Pyett

This week Irene Waters kindly recommended me for some awards, as did Jodie Llewellyn a few weeks ago for the Liebster award. I feel greatly privileged to have receive their flattering messages. On consideration, I’ve decided to become an award free blog and decided they needed an explanation for this decision.

The reason for this is that I appreciate so many blogs; I do not want to choose some and not others. Perhaps it’s my egalitarian approach that we are all doing our best to improve our skills, and the competitiveness is a hindrance, rather than a help.

Inner peace is a wonderful concept; something I know blesses my life. Being a sister to you all is also a privilege, as I have never had a sister. I feel that being part of our family of bloggers has inspired me to write and hopefully improve my writing skills…

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2 replies

  1. Thank you Maggie for reblogging this post. I do feel we can make this wonderful community work without awards. The support I have received has been tremendous. Let’s put our efforts into our writing!!


  2. You are most welcome, Barbara!


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