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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rocks!


Lime Kiln 2005

Oh have I got pictures of rocks. Ever since taking up mineral collecting I’ve got big rocks and green rocks and glittery rocks and radioactive rocks. Some might say I’ve got rocks in my head, or that I am a rock star.

But this is a shot that I took before I met my geologist hubby. Which means, I’ve always had a thing for rock.

It is a lime kiln found near Limehouse, Ontario, which is a popular access point for the Bruce Trail.

As per the Limehouse Kiln Society, this draw or shaft kiln was probably built in the 1870s. It measures about 18 ft x 22 ft at the base and stands about 53 ft tall.

In the day when this kiln was in use, hand-crushed limestone was stacked in layers with wood or coal.  The pile of rock and tinder lay on a grate above the air inlet or “eye” of the kiln. A fire was lit at the base and when the stack burnt through, the resulting lime was drawn out at the bottom. Check out what Wikipedia has to say if you’d like more science-y stuff.


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  1. I’m a big fan of kilns – that one is larger than either of the ones I use but. Different purposes dictate different aspects, I suppose.


  2. Love it. thanks for playing.


  3. I find it so interesting that you are a Maggie who loves rocks because my child is also a Maggie (shhh, don’t tell anyone) who loves rocks. She must have ten pounds of polished stones! She has books about rocks, and is always teaching me things about rocks, especially crystals. I wonder if she’ll become a geologist? Kinda fun stuff, that!


  4. Soon as I saw that topic you popped into my head ! 😀 “Someone wrote this for MW”, I says to meself. But you surprised us all, clever you !


  5. Great picture of the kiln! I saw it in winter … didn’t look the same 🙂
    I love rocks too – especially sparkly ones 😀


    • Thanks! I thought of you as I was putting this post together! So, sparkly rocks, like diamonds are a girl’s best friend sparkly rocks? 😀
      I came across a photo of the same kiln all gussied up with wrought iron fencing and gardens and stuff. I think it’s part of a preservation project? I prefer the rustic in the raw look myself.


  6. Beautiful shot of the kiln Maggie, I prefer the rustic look too.


  7. That’s a lovely photo of the kiln. Now a phrase my mother used to say popped into my head, “Mrs. GotRocks” but I have no idea why she used it !!


  8. That is a great choice for the theme! Great photo!


  9. Very cool. Never saw one like this, and would love to come across it in the woods.

    Also, re: love of rocks: On my last trip to NYC, in 2012, in the American Museum of Natural History, when I came to the Willamette meteorite, I ran up to it and kissed my hand, patted my germy kiss upon it, and said “I love you.”. (A young man standing nearby said “I understand.”) So: You may fault me for my inappropriate museum and historical artifact conduct, but not for my shared love of things petrological : )



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