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It Bears Repeating

In my late twenties, my infatuation with Buster Keaton was full-blown. Several TV channels ran his movies and biographies. I taped them all. I read everything I could find in print. Of all the material that I read, what I call his “rule of three” stuck out the most. Basically, as best as I can recall, he approached his movie making thus: First take, to rehearse the scene. Second take, to […]

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Handsome Fellow

There’s not much to see. Still snow, all dirty and granular, full of spruce needles and black and grunge that comes from I know not where. Granted, there is more grass showing than snow (finally!) but it’s all brown and crispy from the harsh, sear winter just behind us. Empty sunflower seeds apron the bird feeding stations. What a mess. The ground is soggy and trips to the compost pile must be […]

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And Now a Word from Our Sponsor: Physics

It’s a darn good thing that there is no such thing as the “Daily Prompt Police” for I surely do not follow the rules. Today is no different. As much as I’d like to piss and moan and whine and wail about the school subjects that confounded me and confound me still, instead I will post a video from my Physics course. We were asked to identify and discuss all […]

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