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test for M-R





Take a screen shot of the video du jour. Insert to your post and make it as small as you wish. Add hyper-link to the URL that hosts the video and voila, Bob’s your uncle.


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  1. Are you saying this is how easy it is to insert a video into a blog? If that’s true, THANKS!!!!! for the lesson 🙂
    I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that.


    • Hi Joanne. Margaret Rose wanted a smaller image than the one that is created when you used the “insert media” commands.
      Toward the bottom of this WP support page are the steps to add a video.
      Hope this helps!


    • Like Maggie says, Joanne: most themes, I believe (and certainly the one I’m using) make it impossible for the user to set the size of any video: it will simply fill the width of the content side of your blog. MUCH too big ! To me, it’s like receiving an email containing a video that opens out to fill my entire screen – I HATE that !


  2. You make it sound so easy!! i had two Uncle Bobs and still none the wiser!!


  3. Gee, Maggie, I went straight to the video, and really enjoyed the thorough reaming out of Windows 8. What a complete and total piece of … !

    Thanks for the linking info, too : )


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