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Keesa me goo’night, Eddy

In the 1960’s, if it was 9 PM, we Wilson kids were in bed. Those were the rules if it was a school night. During the summer Dad allowed us to play outside until dusk. When the streetlights came on, that was our cue to gather up the toys and head home from the playground. Then it was straight upstairs to bed.

When we were very young, we shared the same room. I’d tell my brothers stories. Sometimes, if we laughed too loudly or argued and fussed, Dad would holler up. “Go to sleep!” Occasionally  he’d follow through on a threat. Which is a story for another time. Today, though I want to tell you about the times he bent the rules.

Every now and again, especially on a Sunday night when the Ed Sullivan Show was on, Dad would shout, “Hey, you kids, get down here!” Good ol’ dad. He used the same threatening tone no matter the message.

And so, we were introduced to the teen idols of the day. Most notably, the Beatles. Thanks to Google, I know the exact date: February 9, 1964. I was eight and I remember being confused. Why was the audience screaming? The girls did not look happy, they looked distressed! I did not get it.

At school, my classmates were all agog about their favourite Beatle. I picked one so that I could be hip and happening. I don’t remember who: likely Paul as he had a round-faced, wholesome quality. The same reason I picked Davy Jones, of the Monkees. I still did not get it, really.


Or maybe it was the bangs. I wore my hair in much the same fashion.

A few years later, though, I started to understand. I’ve got two words for you:

Bobby Sherman.


A teen magazine of the day ran a fictionalized serial illustrated in pen and ink drawings. The heroine, bookish and shy, longed to meet Mr. Sherman. You know the bookish sort I’m talking about, right? She wears her hair up in a tight bun and has big round eyeglasses. That is until the magic moment of the centerfold. The glasses are gone and her long mane of flowing hair tumbles to her shoulders and…

…they kiss…

... more bangs

… more bangs


I got my weekly fix of Bobby on the TV program Here Come the Brides. I lapped up everything in print. I guess you could say that I finally “got it”. The teen idol thing.

and MORE bangs! You might say that I identified with Ms. Hanley shown here, in more ways than one!


However! My first true love, my first sweetheart from the Ed Sullivan Show was this little fellow:

Dad called us down every single time Topo Gigio asked Eddy to "Keesa me goo night."

Dad called us down every single time Topo Gigio asked Eddy to “Keesa me goo’night.”


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Photo Credits: Topo Gigio Davy Jones  Bobby Sherman Bridget Hanley

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  1. Oh my gosh, the memories! Bobby Sherman–whew! He was on some TV show, Hullabaloo, I think. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.


  2. we are channeling each other…. Davey Jones was (of course) my other heartthrob/crush!! And I so wanted to be that woman on Here Come the Brides. I remember watching Ed Sullivan curled up next to my father, and barely being able to stay awake to the end. Thanks for a great post!! 😀 😀


  3. Great trip down memory lane. Davy Jones was definitely a heartthrob, and I had forgotten all about Topo Gigio. Thanks for the smiles!


  4. Great post Maggie. Those were the days. I never missed an episode of the Monkees and Here Come the Brides, but then a little time passed, and there was The Partridge Family and David Cassidy.


  5. You got it because they had it. If all it took were bangs, that Beiber cretin wouldn’t be such a waste of skin.


  6. Maggie – it appears that you and I are the same age and we share similiar memories. I LOVED the Ed Sullivan Show and I also remember watching the Beatles and Topo Gigio. I had an older sister who was 16 when the Beatles hit North America. I totally understood what the big deal was because of her. We shared a room and had MASSIVE posters of each Beatle on the walls. I went to sleep with, and woke up with them – every day. I loved them all 🙂
    I particularly smiled at your father yelling up the stairs for you to be quiet. My dad’s expression was “dummy-up up there” – and yes, everything that came out of his mouth sounded the same whether he was angry or not 🙂
    Thanks for the memories!!


  7. Wow ! – that’s a whole lotta hair, Maggie ! Musta been heavy ! [grin]


  8. What a beautiful photo of you, and I did laugh about the Beetles having similar hairstyles!
    You are ten years younger than me, like Angus, my naughty but loveable brother.


  9. Love this!! I kinda had a thing about Glenn Campell in my teen years. He was not a teen idol, but I loved that song, “gentle on my Mind” and thought he was so handsome! 😍


  10. I didn’t participate in this prompt, but when I read about it my first thought was “Bobby Sherman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I had a poster of him on my wall, and used special magic markers — reserved just for him — to write love notes and poems to him on the poster.

    Sigh. Your post brought up good memories! (We’re sure from the same part of our generation — I didn’t “get” the Beatles then, either.)


    • Does it not make you smile when you think back to how you were as a girl? Special magic markers, yet! That’s devotion! 😉


      • Coming in late to the party, typing half asleep. (Was in a lupus coma earlier, but my second wind is about spent now ; )

        In my family, we often had no enforced bedtime. Night owls could stay up, good for us or no, so my little eyes were fortunate to soak in these treats you describe–along with Johnny Carson and all the rest of late-night television.

        Bobby Sherman? What about David Soul? Davey Jones? What about Michael Nesmith? Or Mickey Dolenz as Circus Boy? The show was before my time (yours too), and that of my sisters, but we saw it in reruns and loved it.

        For me on “Brides”, the most romantic story was that between Big Swede and the petite, considered-unattractive Miss (Essie? was THAT her name?). The episode where they finally got together, she fell in the mud, face forward, was a total mess, and he just scooped her up.

        Ah, Topo Gigio. I so yearned to be there to talk with him and kiss him goodnight myself. And Senor Wences? Thanks to him, I sometimes painted lipstick on my fingers for my own kids when we were out in restaurants to entertain them until the meal arrived.

        Thanks for the memories, Maggie!


  11. 😀 Fun post, Maggie! (‘Teen idols’ was on my long to-do list of posts. 😀 )

    Day Dream Believer was my first 45. 😉 Like you, it took me a while to ‘get it’. LOL I was more into politics even way back then. Instead of hanging teen idol posters on my bedroom wall, I had posters like “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” LOL


    • Politics I didn’t get then, either. While I’m somewhat more educated as regards political habits, these days I still don’t get it. Funny to note: I googled “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” and found this little bit of Monkees’ triva: The title is derived from an American anti-war slogan from the hippie subculture during the Vietnam War era (popularized by Charlotte E. Keyes), perhaps most notably used as part of the lyric to the song “Zor and Zam” on The Monkees’ 1968 album The Birds, The Bees & the Monkees


  12. Wow – – how did I miss this? So was David Cassidy far behind? He was “my first.” On my closet. And remember when Davy Jones came on the Brady Bunch. I soooooo wanted to be Marsha!!!


    • I think I recall the fuss about Davy being on the Brady Bunch. David Cassidy was there, but more or less in the background buzz. I outgrew the screen idol crush thing after Mr. Sherman. My attentions were required elsewhere – high school crush, to be precise. A certain Frank B. I’d stalk the school parking lot for a glimpse of his CAR, for goodness sake.


  13. Hysterical. I had the same slew of crushes and fantasies myself. Always wondered what Mom and Dad did with my secret twin. 😉

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