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Juggling Act

© Bill Watterson

Speaking of chainsaws …                                        Calvin and Hobbes  © Bill Watterson

I wrote in an earlier post

When the universe hands you a couple of balls to juggle, you might be able to pull it off. But if a bushel-full are dumped on you, is it any wonder that you drop the entire lot?”

Today, by way of balancing that weightier insight, I present for your amusement, and perhaps a trip down memory lane to the days of the Smothers Brothers,  this video of comic juggler, Michael Davis.


Inspired by Sistasertraline of Phoenix Fights

and her post about juggling the challenges that life throws at us. 






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17 replies

    • Excellent! You can find more of Davis’ act on YouTube. Even a two-parter where he performed in front of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. These are better quality, actually, but since I first saw him perform on the Smothers Brothers, I wanted to give them a mention, too.


  1. The juggler is simply HILARIOUS !!! Isn’t it marvellous to remember the days when you could be rolled in the aisles by something like this, without a single swear-word or double entendre ?


  2. Enjoyed tremendously–thank you!

    What M-R said reminded me: SO so long ago, I was sitting uncomfortably close to the stage for Penn and Teller and their third member (back when they were known as the Asparagus Valley Cultural Society !) while Penn was juggling wildly-varied objects which included a bowling ball and sword. During the intermission, Teller swept the stage with a pushbroom, (apparently) gathering the sweepings into a dust mouse. Picking this up, he proceeded to entertain us all for approximately 15 minutes, interacting affectionately and expressively with his small new friend, evoking laughter, sympathy, and the universal “Aw…” when faced with extreme cuteness. All of this done silently.


  3. Nothing like a good belly laugh to start the day!! brilliant!
    I LOVED the Smothers Brothers show. It was guaranteed to reduce me to tears once a week 😀


  4. Fantastic! I loved the Smothers Brothers & actually got to meet Dick a couple of years ago when he was down here for a convention. He introduced himself as Zorro and it took me longer than I care to admit to come up with his real name.


    • I’m glad you liked it! When you met Dick, were you star struck? I think I would have been.
      I’ve been looking for the words to a sketch the brother’s did on TV. something about having consideration for others. “If you open it, close it”, that sort of thing. It impressed me at that time. I guess I was feeling a bit under-appreciated or something.


      • Given the circumstances surrounding the encounter, I was completely over the moon to begin with, so meeting him was just one more notch up on my excitement scale. I definitely had to call my mom right afterward to tell her all about it.


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