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Buster for Auntie Doris

I promised Auntie Doris that I’d upload a photo of Buster Keaton for her. When I wrote the other day that I had a “thing” for Buster, she replied,

I used to like that Buster Keaton. He had a knowing look in his eye, even when he had an innocent expression on his face… He wouldn’t have had to try more than three times if he had wanted to nail me!

You’d agree with me, wouldn’t you, that sort of passion merits a follow-through, yes?

So, for you, Aunt Doris, feast your eyes and smile:


… my dreamboat. Ahem, sorry. Auntie Doris’ dreamboat. Click on through, sweetheart, lots more to see of this wonderful actor.




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19 replies

  1. LOL Good on Aunt Doris!!!


  2. LOL Cute post, but Wow! My opinion… this guy creeps me out. I’ll move along now… 😉


  3. LOL! He doesn’t do much for me! Your Aunt Doris sounds like fun! 🙂

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  4. Eye of the beholder! I may have uploaded a less than ideal photo… then again, perhaps context is key, that is, a life long devotion to the guy. (OK, Maggie, let’s not get carried away here: lifelong? Hardly. But still… ) I’ll let Doris know you said so, but you can tell her yourself – her blog is linked above! She’s not my aunt, though I kinda wish she was.

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  5. Ohhh Lord! I followed through as soon as I saw it. I had better put the twin tub on.


  6. Those eyes. Those cheekbones. Oh my! Where ARE my smelling salts?! I have a touch of the vapours.


  7. Those dreamy hooded eyes, one can’t help but smile!!


  8. I see the bedroom eyes but where is the innocence?



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