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Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

Stop Licking the Furniture!


©2006 Publications International Chair and table legs exhibit many of the features that distinguish furniture styles; the leg is usually a good indicator of type. Early Georgian furniture is based on Queen Anne; later styles show classic influence.

 Stop licking the furniture!

(Now, THERE’S a search engine term for you!)

Thus starts my Wednesday morning.


 Why are you looking at me funny?

 Doesn’t every cat lick the wood trim and baseboards and end tables and stuff?

Humpy Hap Day, everyone!

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25 replies

  1. OMG, Maggie: you’ve ARRIVED! That was one seriously weird search doodad! Wow! Pass the bong or what?! xxx


  2. Ha Ha….SERIOUSLY Funny!!! Thank you for starting my morning off with a good Laugh Maggie. 🙂


  3. I once found myself telling a student, “Stop licking the concrete!” Luckily, my cats don’t lick furniture, but I can’t be sure. Who knows what they do when I’m not home! 🙂


  4. Well, there you go, right there! You need a critter cam! If you ever are stuck for something to write, I’d love to hear the story behind the concrete licker! 😉


  5. It’s amazing what people search for. Then again, I’ve done some pretty strange searches for my writing research. Wonder what people are thinking of mine? 😉


  6. I actually snorted when I read this. Extremely funny. Especially since I’ve been wondering why my one cat likes to lick plastic bags.


  7. Hee hee. We welcome all snorts, chortles, guffaws and grins!


  8. LOL

    In our house, it’s the puppy who’s constantly being told to stop licking/sniffing/slobbering, not the cats (they have their own quirks).


  9. Mine does, sometimes … but mostly he just marks it with his little face, and marks it, and marks it, and mar— you get the picture ?


  10. and marks and marks almost as if in a trance? 😀


  11. Such a delightful image and I do adore your ingenuity!


  12. Ha! So glad it was the cat. 🙂 hehehe


  13. Mine do not. But my new kitten has a penchant for bread that makes me think he’s at least half-duck. Cornbread, zucchini bread, pop-tarts, pbj — it’s all I can do to eat my toast in peace! I use a spray bottle. He’s learning.


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