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Whazzup? What’s going on with the Reader?

re-blogging this in an effort to see if anyone can shed some light as to why some of the people we follow no longer show up in our readers?

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  1. I like it because I DETEST the Reader and its presenting bloggers with the quick&easy way of NOT visiting blogs.

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    • Fine, but I’m teaching 7 writing classes and am truly pushed for time. I don’t usually have the leisure to go grazing through WordPress for stuff I like. I wish I did, but I don’t. When I have the chance, I do (hence, I follow some people), but once I follow them I actually WANT to read them and I WANT them to be easy to find (and I want them to find my blogs easily if they follow me).


      • I don’t understand … sorry. If you edit the settings of the list of blogs you follow, you can opt to receive an email for any of of them – or not. At a time to suit you.
        Am I reading this wrong ?


        • I know — I don’t like getting all the emails. I like having the blogs I follow show up in my Reader, but some people who follow me were not seeing my posts and so I went through my Reader and wasn’t seeing posts from most of the people I follow. I think it’s a WP glitch.


  2. The Reader business has been ongoing for months now – I’ve discovered that the best way is to simply subscribe for the emails – and yes, this may mean your inbox overflows, but if you subscribe and then actually go to your Reader page, choose the edit setting, and get a list of your blogs, you can then determine the rate for each blog for your subscriptions.

    As for the sheer potential volume in your inbox – no big deal – you can find all the posts you need in one place and decide what you want to read, when you have time.

    I’ve found this far easier than to cope with the moody swings of the Reader. Hope this suggestion helps some.


  3. THANK you, Pat! That settles that for me, then. I had decided to go the “subscribe to email” route a couple of weeks back when this started. Thanks for confirming.


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