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intermissionSince my creative time is limited this week but I must create (I must, I MUST! [cue dramatic music]) I thought I’d try something a bit different. Below, in no particular order are some of the posts that grabbed my attention today.

My new blogging buddy Barbara and kindred spirit was kind enough to reprint her recipe for pear chutney. I promised to send a jar to M-R in the fall if she behaves herself. Those of you who know Margaret Rose: what are the chances?

Recently Freshly Pressed, and therefore freshly followed, I am smitten by the author of the blog Gunmetal Geisha. You might feel the same when you read her posts about online dating, and today’s report on the endeavour. The two lines that jumped off the page today were:

It’s counter-intuitive to my nature not to acknowledge people…

and then this:

But how do you learn someone isn’t right for you unless you get close to them and connect to their insides?

How do you learn, indeed.

And the commenting thing, the need to acknowledge people. It’s a conundrum. On top of that, WP Reader has been wonky lately, and some of my favourites haven’t been showing up, including Outlier Babe, another firecracker in my suite of go-to blog authors. You might relate to her response to my apology for not commenting in a timely manner.

More about comments: If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve met my mother, Jean. I’m not much different from most daughters in that the relationship is, or rather was, a challenge. For some of my blogging friends, the relationship is (and was) beyond challenging. With that in mind, you might find some insight in Phoenix Fights post today, Mother MineI was at a loss for words on how to respond to the post. It seemed wrong to just click “like” without saying something. But it felt profane to comment on the writing, or to describe how it made me feel, or to dilute the impact of her work by sharing my story.  In the end I did think of something to say.

Finally, I would love for you to meet Nina. At the moment she is recovering from an ailment and is not posting regularly.  But she did take the time to comment today at length on a question I asked her about moms and daughters.

Now, go! Read! Enjoy!

I’ve got essays to write and calculations to… um, calculate!


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14 replies

  1. I will very much enjoy going to visit what’s shaping your writing world in recent times, Maggie. And indeed, WHAT ARE the odds? Margaret!??


  2. Loved both of them, Maggie ! – thanks for the recommendations. Like minds, etc. ❤


  3. Dear Maggie,
    I know you have a busy week, but thank you so much for a mention in your post! I also had fun looking up Outlier Babe, Mother Mine, and Nina’s blog. Thank you for recommending them, as I thoroughly enjoyed sharing their writing. I’m supposed to be in the garden today, and still here, this is addictive.
    Happy sorting, Barbara


  4. Thanks so much Maggie, glad/sorry it struck a chord with you, hope all is well with you and your ma now xx


  5. My reader seemed unusually quiet this weekend. Uh oh, now I’m wondering if mine’s been acting up, too. Although today it seems very active. Maybe everyone’s just taking a bit of a spring break. 🙂


  6. I hope you are right, ’cause that means that it’s spring SOMEwhere!


  7. Aw… our moms have been gone about the same amount of time. Ours was a difficult relationship, but no fighting. Each of us were still finding our way.

    Thanks for recommending those sites. I’ll look them up. I always click ‘like’ on sites I visit as a courtesy and in support of the creative effort no matter what. I think it’s rude to read and leave 😉 But I understand the dilemma when the post is so serious and it feels wrong to like at certain times but still feel a need to support. Hadn’t thought about diluting the story by sharing my experience which is a bad habit of mine now that I think about it. Will try to stop that. And here I go diluting LOL … sorry 😉 I’ll shut up and go read now. 😀


  8. You lost your mom early, too. Another similarity.
    That dilution idea is not something that I attribute to other’s who want to comment. The opposite in fact! (I’m so conflicted and screwed up in my thinking some days!)(SOME days? try MOST days!) No, I love when people are inclined to write at length. I like how that means they feel welcome to share. But on some posts, like Phoenix’s yesterday, I felt so moved, almost like I was in a sacred place. For me to write at length on her post felt akin to yelling in church. Does that make sense?


  9. This is just a quick breeze by to let you know that a post grabbed my attention: your nomination for a Liebster Award. Enjoy!


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