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The Turkey Vulture Blues

TVSuggestions on how to overcome the blues? When I’m blue, I wallow. There’s nothing you can do or say. Step back, keep your distance, or, you know what? Leave. I need my privacy.

I might watch a tear jerker – Truly Madly Deeply, or a bittersweet favourite Local Hero. Better yet, I’ll listen to the soundtrack of Local Hero or loop through my favourite five tunes of Mark Knopfler’s Ragpicker’s Dream. I’m surprised the disk has any life left after the hours of play time, post divorce number two. (I wrote about it in response to another daily prompt, if you’d like to take a peek.) If I’m going to feel sad, I figure it might help (can’t hurt, can it?) to give the mood expression. Flush it out, show it the door.

Fortunately, I don’t often feel sad. Huh. That’s actually something of a revelation, so thanks, WP. I feel all manner of irritation and frustration and indignant and cynical and pissed off and and and… what’s that? Anger management? Go fly a kite.

To deal with those occasional (stop laughing) bouts, I write. Emails to my friends, mostly. Here on the blog. Check this one out – a taste of my acerbic wit.

Back to the blues. I love Turkey Vultures or “TV’s” in birder lingo.  I have always had a thing for the homely creatures, an underdog thing, I guess. Most people get excited by seeing the robins return in the spring. For me, it’s the turkey vulture. On the other end of summer, I am dismayed to watch them gather and stage for winter migration. I truly feel a loss.

Someday I will write a song called I’ve got the Turkey Vulture Blues.

For now, the only ones feeling blue are the TV’s themselves, that is if they can feel anything at all with the sub-zero temperatures. Relief is around the corner, though. A high of 10 degrees C today.

Enjoy your weekends, everyone! Looks like spring has finally arrived!

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  1. Nice note of frigid irony at the end. Reminds me of a French Canadian student to whom I taught English years ago. He gave a presentation on making maple syrup. He confused the words “melt” and the word “smell” and wrote, “We do this in the spring, when the snow begins to smell.” Cracked me up!

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  2. And if you ever write the Turkey Vulture Blues, I want to hear it.

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  3. We’ve had quite the influx of turkey vultures in my area. I must have seen 10 yesterday; all in various places, chowing down on road kill! I tend to not get the blues too often either. If I do, I usually tend to quickly confront whatever it is that’s upsetting me. If that doesn’t work, I talk with a friend, exercise, or read, or needle felt. I think I’m pretty lucky to have all sorts of positive endorphins coursing through my brain! Also, I’ve heard that Bejeweled is quite uplifting! 😉

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  4. Glad to hear that you are well equipped to handle the down time. Needle felt, eh? That’s a newer kid on the crafting block, is it not? Glad you’ve got the eyes to the skies looking out for my boys, too. Oh, yes, Bejeweled… I have to beat my cousin’s high score. That’s all I have to say about THAT! 😉


  5. My daughter shares your love for ugly critters.She has been doing image searches for :blob fish” all week. Enjoyed your post.

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  6. The photo of the TV you shared shows a rather nice looking bird, at least in my opinion. Glad to hear Spring is finally around the corner in your part of the world! There’s a rumor that it might actually linger over here, too, but I’ll believe it when I see it! 🙂

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  7. Even though they have those piggy little heads, their wingspan is magnificent. Look at things that way.

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    • They roost in the trees in our back yard. There’s one that’s perfect for them – it’s dead and sheltered by the ravine sloping up behind it. It also catches the morning sun. We won’t take it down because the birds love to roost there and in the morning, they spread those magnificent wings to the sun and warm themselves.


  8. Great post. I didn’t have the courage? emotional ability? strength? to write on this topic, although when I first read the challenge I thought “here’s one I should respond to.”

    Reading my favorite bloggers’ openness is enough for me right now. Thank you!

    (And Mark Knopfler? ALWAYS appropriate!)

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  9. Loved it Maggie, I hope you’ll video you singing your blues, not just the words, please!
    Reminds me, I used to sing to Marianne Faithful, one of the songs was, ‘As tears go by’.
    Very therapeutic to sing along to a sad song!!

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  10. Like you, I appreciate vultures tremendously. Here in north Texas we’re privileged to keep both the TVs and their Black Vulture cousins on hand throughout the year, and I never, ever tire of watching their graceful circling and soaring, nor of the occasional closeups I get of one or two perched on a lamppost—a pair that hung around the local park on its street side lampposts for a long time became my affectionately named friends Heckle and Jeckle (, since despite being a different variety of black bird, they stuck around in their duo seeming to observe and comment snarkily on all the world that passed in view. Perhaps my favorite (besides knowing that they all do more to clean up the local roadkill than the highway department does) is seeing a whole flock of vultures perched at dusk on the big power transformers, in one big happy vulture condominium.


  11. Kathryn! Thank you for reading and such a lovely comment! I haven’t thought of Heckle and Jeckle since… forever? I remember them, though! I would enjoy seeing your vulture condominium, I think.

    As I wrote in the comment above, the TV’s hang out in a tree in our yard. There is considerable evidence of their roosting on the ground below. Ahem, watch your step as you walk the trail up and over!


  12. There’s always turkey vultures around here. Lots of road kill and it gets hot to help the aroma waft. I have a friend from Iowa that came to visit once. Once he hit Arkansas, he said the south smells like dead animals. He’s right.



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