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Early to Bed



These days I enjoy decent sleep, full moons the exception. Hot flashes the exception. Hubby getting up to pee in the middle of the night, etc., etc.

I sleep best in the winter months when the thermostat is lowered at night and the windows are closed against the street noises outside.

As for waking refreshed. Not so much. I’m a groggy grump first thing. It might have something to do with the fact that the alarm goes off at 5:30. I get about seven, seven and half hours shut-eye. I think I need more, so I nap during the day. And there’s always coffee.

But I don’t snore. No, do not listen to him. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I do NOT snore!

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  1. Sleep is so important I find to a good day. I find that using the computer late at night disrupts my sleep.


    • Hi there – by “late” do you mean just before sleep, or later than you’d normally be up? Is it the physical act of laying your eyes on the monitor that troubles your sleep, or the content of what you are reading or working on?
      I’m on a computer so much these days, with my school and now WP, and if I read, it is via tablet… hmm. That reminds me, I should get my eyes checked one of these days. At any rate, I guess I’m trying to say, fortunately, my time on the computer hasn’t affected my sleep patterns.


      • I mean just before I sleep. Its not to do with content. I’m normally looking at pictures of flowers and things like that πŸ™‚ I read that its to do with the fact the screen has a light behind it….this can interfere with the brain’s rhythms about light and darkness which is connnected with sleep cycles….its like staring into a light for a long time…and your brain can have trouble adjusting then to the fact that you decide to sleep….dont know if all that is a fact or a theory….but it does impact on me…


  2. Hmm “Zombies Ate My Brains.” I had to stop by.
    When my daughter was in her early teens I scratched on her bedroom door shortly after she went to bed. In a mysterious voice I’d say, “Patty, Patty, Brains I want your brains. I want to eat your brains.” She’d laugh and say, “Go away! There are no brains in here.” In my normal voice I’d reply, “Just as I thought, goodnight, sleep tight..”

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  3. On that snorin’ thing… me either!


  4. Recently, I heard an expert on TV say that I’d sleep better if I removed any digital clock with its disruptive glare from my bedroom. “You’ve got to be kidding,” I thought. “Without a clock, how would I know how long I haven’t been sleeping?”


  5. My boyfriend and I have the same argument. I really don’t know where he gets the idea that I snore.


  6. I promise I will pay no attention to any snoring rumours. There are times I wish I could sleep more but I’ve been a bad sleeper ever since I was a child so I’ve now got some night owl habits that I’m not sure I’d like to break. Grumpy is fine in the mornings – I personally am suspicious of those who wake perky and have pondered at times as to whether that is proof of alien life amongst us as honest – who LIKES waking up once you’re all comfy and snuggled in.


    • Hee hee, thanks! I’d love to linger in bed in the morning. Would LOVE it! But hubby usually wakes all chipper and chatty, and has a million plans to discuss, or problems to solve. He doesn’t necessarily need a conversation. As a matter of fact, if I do deign to join the discussion, it takes him aback. He just needs an audience. That’s fine. Small price to pay.


  7. Ah, the bliss of living alone! No one to accuse me of snoring, no one to whinge if I wander the house at night, no unnatural morning chirpiness to grate on my sluggish nerves… And no one to nag me about what the experts say. Experts? Killjoys, every one of them.


  8. I’m afraid I’m of the school that thinks that no amount of sleep is ever quite enough. And I’m sure that I get more than most people do, at that. What a dilemma! Well, it really is time to head for bed, so here’s hoping…. πŸ˜‰


  9. It is 2:38 am and I am reading your blog on a subject I really wish I COULD embrace. What I would like to know is why do they call it “falling” asleep or “drifting off” as if suddenly if you’re not careful you might inadvertently tumble into it or float away on a cloud of slumber. Ha! It’s hard work getting to sleep. There are no accidents. (but great submission for the topic prompt!)


  10. this is so funny. Not to worry–Not listening to him!!


  11. Very very funny. Reminds me I should go and get some sleep. Hope I don’t snore. If I do the farting should cover it.



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