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A Very Long Day

Darn good thing, too.

Darn good thing, too.

Yesterday the furnace started to act up. I noticed that it was colder than usual in the afternoon, but figured it was just the storm. But toward dinner time it was not kicking in. It tried to fire up, but would run for only 30 seconds and then shut down. Darn good thing we’ve got wood heat.

At the same time, the neighbour across the road was kind enough to blow out our driveway for us. I was shoveling the south walk and he was working on the other side of the road. He did his place, the next house down, and then came across and asked if I wanted help. Oh, yes please!

But when the furnace crashed, I wondered, did the snow thrown up against the house clog the pipes? No, everything was clear, but maybe some snow got shoved down one of the tubes? Called the repair folks and set up at time for today, after 1. Which allowed me the morning to study for and write the statistics exam.

To sleep. More or less. I was anxious all night – my statistics exam today and wood smoke kept me up. Reiner didn’t open the flue when he added more wood. Stinky nasty. Plus, for me it’s an extremely busy day. Exam, repair guy, and I’m out for dinner tonight with a bunch of friends. So I need to coordinate getting cleaned up and dressed. This is what my life has come to! I can’t even handle this tiny “to do” list without loosing sleep! So many women I know have to do all that in the first 10 minutes of their day. But for me, this is an almost too full plate to juggle. In my defense, I don’t want to be walking around in a towel when the repair dude arrives. But still. Anxiety keeps me up.

The furnace works first thing in the morning! Great! I’ll call and cancel. An hour later, hang on, maybe not. It’s having trouble again. Fine. I also notice that the thermostat is recording an outside temperature of 0. Which is about 20 degrees warmer than reality. So maybe the snowblower did hit the outside pipes and knocked off the thermal recording unit.

Studied, napped, wrote the exam, ate lunch and 1 o’clock rolls around. Napped. 2 o’clock. The tech arrives a half hour later. All this time I just noodle away, surfing, playing computer games. I’m too tired to focus on school work, and even if I could, I am too restless. I know that someone is arriving and I don’t want to start something that I cannot finish. It probably doesn’t make sense to you. It doesn’t make sense to me, either.

I tell him about the snowblowing. I tell him about the thermostat not recording the outside temperature. I show him the thermostat. He fiddles with it. I show him the furnace.

Have I changed the filter, he asks?

No, I haven’t.

Oh, that’s a very bad thing, you should change it.

I leave him with the furnace and return to the kitchen to do the dishes. He comes upstairs and announces that the furnace is fine. He tells me that I need to change the filter.

But… what about? And the thing not registering the correct temp?

Don’t worry about it.

Fine, thanks for coming by.

I call Reiner.

I repeat the story.

“Why did you tell him that you didn’t change the filter?” As if that has any freaking bearing on the issue! Besides, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s being asked “Why” especially the way he does it. “Why didn’t you block the bathtub so Oscar couldn’t get behind it?” Like now I’ve dropped the ball and it has become my fault!


Reiner calls the repair depot. The contractor’s boss calls me back and I get to tell the story AGAIN. This time, though, there’s hope. The boss knows right away what the problem is. Some heat sensor is wearing out. When it has a chance to cool down overnight, it will work first thing, but then crash. He will send his worker back. So, that was an hour ago, and I need to leave here in forty-five minutes.

This has been a very long day.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

This post inspired by my friends who have already had the pleasure of allowing me to vent.

It doesn’t matter how we met. We did, and I’m eternally grateful!

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26 replies

  1. Those days just sneak up club you upside the head don’t they. It’s like all the disparate gods have got together for the sole purpose of pissing you off. Ah well what does not kill us will take a great deal of therapy to fix.


  2. “I know that someone is arriving and I don’t want to start something that I cannot finish.” I totally get that! I totally do that! I don’t want to start “X” until “Y” is complete.

    God, that sounds like a hellish, frustrating day! I hope everything works out alright. Life isn’t fun when you don’t have heat. Good luck with everything and I’m sending you hugs and well wishes.



  3. Oh Maggie! Hopefully your evening out improved your overall day 😉 After a day like that I’d be inclined to have an extra glass of vino. Rest well tonight.


  4. And how are all the prob.s now? Sorted? Or are you suicidal? – not. What doesn’t kill you makes you strong, they say.
    Chin up, Maggie – you can get through this …


  5. I love that his name is Reiner. I just keep thinking of Carl and Rob Reiner. Is your hubby anything like either man? Anyhow, “Oh that’s a very bad thing.” I can just here the ominous voice that guy said this in! I sincerely believe that Reiner and the repairman were in cahoots with one another so it comes out looking like it’s your fault. And so YOU WILL HAVE TO BE THE ONE to change that filter.


    • My Reiner is the polar opposite. He is smart as a tack and every now and then he kills me with an outrageous bit of humour. But he’s not what I’d call a comedian. To add some flavour to the comment “Oh that’s a very bad thing” think of Babu from Seinfeld, wagging his finger. The tech was similarly cultured.


  6. Why didn’t “boss” man apologize for “worker dude,” and why isn’t “boss” man coming out himself? Why re-send the incompetent boob dude? duh Good help is soooo hard to find… in a snow storm… in March.

    (Speaking of boobs, again; no, you didn’t miss it. I still haven’t posted the boob job. Searching for a picture of me in junior high which I know I (used to) have… somewhere… maybe.




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