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I Give Up


Tomorrow I write a statistics exam. I’m supposed to be studying for it right now. I can’t. Ever since the Daily Prompt dropped into my inbox, I’ve been distracted. I better get this out of my system so that I can focus on bell curves, means, and standard deviations afterward.

The prompt asks us to write about the last thing I contemplated leaving. That would be the house, this morning. “Leave” as in move to a new house. We think this one is sinking. Every time we close the cutlery drawer, for example, it refuses to stay shut and slides back open. The cast iron grate over the stove-top burner no longer sits flush. There’s a nice new crack in one of the upstairs walls. The house is warped.

I asked Reiner, “Wanna move?”

I know all about “calling it quits”. I know endings and starting over. I have moved seventeen times, been married three times. I haven’t done the math regarding the number of occupations I’ve held. Speaking of math, this course I’m enrolled in is my third “kick at the cat” as mom would say. I’ve studied Advertising Art (withdrew), Developmental Services Worker (graduated with distinction) and now Mining Engineering. (So far, so good. They have awarded me three bursaries, so I must be doing something right.) 

I am tired of all of the moves and recovery work, physically and psychically. Reiner has had his fair share of changes, too, and he does not want to move. That’s a good thing. He’s my anchor and keeps me from flitting away.

Because when I quipped this morning about moving, I wasn’t entirely joking. There is some appeal to the thought of house-hunting and the time spent on MLS. An acquaintance shares the same sentiment. She says she gets a jones on when she sees “Open House” notices. I still browse through the real estate listings more out of habit than anything, but if the “dream house” should ever land on my monitor… I dunno if I’d have the discipline to point, click, and step away from the “make an offer” button.

For now, though, I’ve satisfied the urge to write and I can focus on other deviations!

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28 replies

  1. At one time I had the number of moves I’ve made in my life all counted up… and then Prince Charming and I finally “stopped moving.” Until this year, that is. In June we’ll be moving after all. As I recall, my number is fairly close to yours either way. Unfortunately, as we’ll now be renting, this may not be our last move ever; oh well.

    Good prompt; I’ll have to consider responding to it. For now, though, I’m planning to finally get the “boob job” out there tonight. hehe

    Happy studying!



  2. Ha! The science geek in me absolutely loves that poster! Good luck with the stats exam.


  3. Loved this one, Maggie. Moving is synonymous with starting over. And you have to be ready to do one in order to do the other. Me? I threaten to move every time I find mouse droppings in the garage. It doesn’t even have to invade the house before my loud threats are heard, “I’m outa here!”


  4. Good luck with the exam, m’dear! – do better than you think you can, eh?


  5. Kick at the cat. lol. Language can be funny.
    Wow Maggie you have had a lot of experiences in this life so far. And you’re only getting warmed up.
    I like that you threw the rule book away. Brave.


  6. Thanks, Frankie! But I have a question. There’s a BOOK!? Why didn’t anyone say so? 😉


  7. If you include our recent relocation, I personally have moved 24 times in less than 33 years (giving my age away!). For my hubby, it was only his third in nearly 38 years. Funny what shifts us. And what makes us take stock.
    All the best in your exam. 🙂


    • Whoa! That’s a boatload of cardboard boxes! I recall a conversation with an aunt who left her childhood home to marry and she lived in her matrimonial home for over 60 years. She envied me the changes I could make. Grass is greener.


      • More cardboard than I care to recall sometimes…
        I had a great-aunt who never left home, married and her husband moved into thw family home where they resided until passing.
        I like the possibility of adventure 🙂


  8. I”m there with you on that. While I haven’t moved as many times or been divorced, I certainly have a habit of hopping countries. And I’ve recently been working along trying to kill my fear of being “stuck”. I hated going to my mother’s house before I had a vehicle for fear of being stuck, or to visit her house on a small island because I relied on a ferry that frequently broke down to get on and off. I wouldn’t go to school because I didn’t want to be tied down to one place.
    Well, that last part has change since in just a couple weeks I’ll be going back to school for the first time in 10 years.
    Good luck to you, friend!


  9. Good luck to you with the next chapter! And thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting!



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