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One Word Photo Challenge: Purple

Spanish Fluorite Crystals

Spanish Fluorite Crystals

Purple Spanish fluorite crystals with bevelled edges. The field of view is about 2.0 cm

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Inspired by Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe how geometric it is- or that you have a stone for every color! Thanks for posting Maggie, keep up the beautiful work.


  2. Thanks, Jennifer. Fluorite is one of those minerals that comes in just about any color imagined. I’m glad you like it.


  3. Interesting shot – I thought it was an uncut amethyst at first until I read the caption.


  4. Oh wow! Did you take that picture? I wonder what it would look like under UV . . .


    • Hey!- yes, all of the minerals photos were taken by moi. Talk about a steep learning curve there! Lot’s of room for improvement, but quite often the subject compensates for any fuzzy work on my part. I don’t know if this fluoresces or not. Not all fluorites do. I’ll have to check that out! Do you collect minerals?


      • I think your mineral pic was great! Well framed and pretty. While I don’t collect minerals I do collect Science Knowledge (the best kind there is!). I also really like things that fluoresce.

        In the photos section of my blog I have science-based pics I took while I was still doing research if you’re interested. Mostly of the gel electrophoresis box lit up with LED lights.

        If you get a chance you should see if the fluorite fluoresces with UV. That would be a totally amazing pic as well.

        Thanks for sharing!



  5. Gorgeous, Em!! – and so unusual ! I hereby give you the M.R. Purple Non-Prose Award. [grin]


  6. Stunning image! Love the purple.


  7. Thank you! I’m glad you like it. This is a favourite of mine.


  8. What an amazing photo of a Fluorite cluster! Beautiful lighting, and a beautiful angle! I loved your turquoise piece for the blue challenge, also. I enjoy collecting minerals also, and especially Amethyst and rainbow Fluorite. I will look forward to more lovely mineral photos from you;-) Best wishes,WG



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