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Copper Cat

In Memory of Joe

In Memory of Joe

My good friend gave me this copper cat after Joey died.

I cried. Sort of. We were in a coffee shop, and one must not make scenes!

This memento serves a two-fold purpose. It represents the time with Joe.

And it reminds me of my wonderful friendship with the gal who gave it to me.

Thank you.

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Keepsake: Copper Cat  is Part Two in a Series


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10 replies

  1. We have a cat looks very like the late Joey. She is called Annie.
    Wow, wow.! She is only just after looking up at me and going “Meow!” as if she knows i am typing about her.
    Nice post Maggie.


  2. I’m very glad to hear that you cried. I had thought that you were made of incredibly stern stuff. But no, you’re just like me!


  3. 🙂 And that’s a good thing, M.R.!


  4. Very cool cat and you have a very sweet friend.


  5. Priceless memento of dear sweet Joey. What a beautiful boy he was.



  1. Keepsake | The Zombies Ate My Brains

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