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Tyrehl Byk's CATHARSIS

Tyrehl Byk’s CATHARSIS

A friend suggested that writing here has been cathartic for me.

The writing is helpful, no question.

As I’m putting thoughts to page, old “tapes”, old versions of the tales I used to tell suddenly take new meaning.  Before I know it, I have a new understanding of my mom, my dad, and I think, huh. Go figure.

When the universe hands you a couple of balls to juggle, you might be able to pull it off. But if a bushel-full are dumped on you, is it any wonder that you drop the entire lot?

No one was a monster, no one was a villain. Everyone was doing the best they could with the resources they had at the time.

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9 replies

  1. I hate it when you bust my bubbles….


  2. You mean my line no one is a monster? Yeah, I suppose it depends on how much distance and time has occurred. Perspective. And on your individual circumstance. Truly, sometimes, the “best” that someone can do is just a shade above monstrous.


  3. That’s how I see it. Now. But then, all I could think of was that I was the worst and most useless wife in the entire world. It was my nephew who said to me “You did as well as you were able”, and it made sense.


  4. Very good point, M.R. To look at ourselves generously and with forgiveness.


  5. Hooray for catharsis! How true, that we, and everyone else, only does as well as they can. I suggest that we all always do as well as we can.



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