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Archive for March 6th, 2014


A friend suggested that writing here has been cathartic for me. The writing is helpful, no question. As I’m putting thoughts to page, old “tapes”, old versions of the tales I used to tell suddenly take new meaning.  Before I know it, I have a new understanding of my mom, my dad, and I think, huh. Go figure. When the universe hands you a couple of balls to juggle, you […]

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Copper Cat

My good friend gave me this copper cat after Joey died. I cried. Sort of. We were in a coffee shop, and one must not make scenes! This memento serves a two-fold purpose. It represents the time with Joe. And it reminds me of my wonderful friendship with the gal who gave it to me. Thank you. ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *** Keepsake: Copper […]

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Joey lived with me longer than any other man. He looked amazing in a tuxedo. He knew it, too. I miss ol’ Joe. He came into my life in 1995. I was a student then, enrolled in the Development Services Worker program at Fanshawe College. This was part of a retraining package offered by Bell Canada when the company needed to cut 10,000 jobs. One of my roles as a […]

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