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In Defense of Jennifer Lawrence.

Looks like she doesn't need my help.

Looks like she doesn’t need my help.

I have an enormous crush on Jennifer Lawrence. I have no idea what that tells you about me, and I’m more than a tiny bit shy about revealing that here. That said, I simply cannot sit silently on my keyboarding hands while people gain recognition at her expense.

Right. Ms. Lawrence tripped on purpose. At the Oscars. Because that’s just the kind of attention she needs and she will go to any length to snag it.

Ha. Ha.

Stop it. Please, just STOP. IT.

Put yourself in the woman’s six-inch stilettos for a milli-second. If you happen to find yourself, at the tender age of 23, a world sensation, and if you find yourself nominated, nay, declared a winner of the most coveted prize in Hollywood, and if you find yourself, as you climb the stairs to accept your award, falling flat on your adorable face, I DARE you to recover as quickly as she did, to find your stride, to maintain your poise and dignity. I DARE YOU!

Shame on the industry that promotes the objectification of women.

Shame on the need to ridicule and to poke at the flaws and foibles of those who have found celebrity, of those placed on a pedestal.

Shame on you. You put her there in the first place.


Click here for a postscript.

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17 replies

  1. I really think you took a tongue-in-cheek post and blew it out of proportion, but I’m glad you wrote your own post to say what you needed to say about it.

    That said, I think you misrepresented my post a little in that the suggestion that she tripped on purpose was but one small part of what I wrote. I didn’t go into the pressures of being a huge Hollywood star because that wasn’t remotely what my post was about.

    As for this recognition I’m getting at her expense, it’s probably limited to a day or two of some extra traffic for being Freshly Pressed. What I wrote isn’t getting published in the New Yorker or winning any prizes.


    • Thanks for commenting, Kate. And congratulations, by the way, on being Freshly Pressed. I had considered reblogging your work, but since our views are pretty much diametrically opposed, I thought it best I go this route. You are correct, this is something that I feel needs to be said. You post was the kickstart I needed. Thanks.


  2. Good for you, Maggie! Let ’em put that in their pipe and smoke it!


  3. Who is she? It seems that by not watching the Oscars my life is made irrevocably better – she is not the only ‘star’/’celeb’ I’ve NOT had to comment on. And even now I’m not commenting so much as wondering WTF …?!

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    • Ms. Lawrence is the actress who won the Oscar last year for her role in the Hunger Games. As she climbed the stairs to accept the award, she tripped on her gown. This year, as she made her way along the red carpet on the way to the ceremonies, she tripped on a safety pylon. And of course, it was broadcast instantly around the globe via twitter and all manner of social media.


  4. Who CARES? 😉


  5. And Ellen mortified her too, in the opening ceremonies of the Oscars. I really think she was mortified. Great post, Maggie May!


  6. I love her, too, and keep my fingers crossed she can remain true to herself in the morass that is tinsel town. She has remarkable poise for one so young who rocketed to fame.



  1. In Defense of My Defense: A Postcript | The Zombies Ate My Brains

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