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Archive for March 4th, 2014

In Defense of Jennifer Lawrence.

I have an enormous crush on Jennifer Lawrence. I have no idea what that tells you about me, and I’m more than a tiny bit shy about revealing that here. That said, I simply cannot sit silently on my keyboarding hands while people gain recognition at her expense. Right. Ms. Lawrence tripped on purpose. At the Oscars. Because that’s just the kind of attention she needs and she will go […]

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Calvin and Hobbes Retire – from the Archives

Look what I found! While rummaging through my old photos, I stumbled across a newspaper clipping of an article I wrote in 1995. It was the first piece I had published and for which I received payment. (It was also the last.) What is particularly important to me is that I had misplaced the digital version. Now, almost 20 years later I can record it here.  The London Free Press, Saturday, […]

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