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Love the “Blues”! Countdown to Spring!!

Would love for you to see the work of a wonderful local artist, Holly O. Spring is a long way coming. For now, this burst of colour will have to suffice. Enjoy!

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Countdown to spring! Countdown to spring!

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12 replies

  1. That is so beautiful! Makes me want to stop making excuses for my art and paint.


  2. Bafriyie – I completely understand where you are coming from…I keep meaning to “art” more but struggle with both motivation and inspiration.
    Maggie – this is a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Thanks, RR. Glad you liked it.
      I wonder, you two, this discussion about visual art: perhaps were are more suited to performance art? As in the written word. I have art supplies from years and years ago. Yeah, I’ve got the technical chops, but don’t look to me for anything truly inspired.


      • I have left my art go astray for many, many years ago due to life’s transitions and tribulations. “Art” and I are being reconnected. A slow process indeed and it is bittersweet. TIME….


      • Good thinking Maggie. My husband has always said my greatest artistic talent is my writing. Though, I guess I fulfill the idea that we are never satisfied with what we have as I have always longed for better art/drawing skills. Like you, I do have the technical chops but I don’t seem to have a style. I was always the one who got “jack-of-all-trades” in leadership groups. Oh well. Guess I will be able to say, I’ve tried it all!


        • VERY interesting to hear that, RR. On reflection, I suppose that tells us we are good at observation, good at transferring the outside world to the page (Listen to me, talking about how “good” we are! SHEESH!) OK, how about, we are capable… yadda yadda… my inner critic is alive and well this morning!) Seriously, though, I do understand the hunger to be able to do it all.


  3. FASCINATING technique, Maggie! – does she always use it? I love it!


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