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© Maureen Silc

© Maureen Silc


noun \ˈkēp-ˌsāk\

: something that you keep to help you remember a person, place, or event :

a memento or souvenir


Introduction to a new series.

One New Years I resolved to de-clutter and lighten up the load. For someone who claims she doesn’t care for knickknacks, I had devoted considerable shelf space to trinkets and mementos, not to mention plain old junk. In keeping with my other policy of housework once a month whether it needs it or not, I kept the purge simple. Every morning while the coffee brewed, I set out to find one item that I could throw away, recycle, or re-gift.

It was kind of fun, in a way. It reminded me of a scavenger hunt, or a variation of “I Spy”. I was on safari hunting for little game.

As I look around me today, I see that the shelves are still loaded. The difference though is that the items are important to me for their emotional significance, the connection to a person, a place, or event.

I want to share these with you, to tell you the story behind the keepsake.

Before I do, I’ll have to dust. Can’t be uploading fuzzy photos!

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Photo Credit

Bower birds are the best scavenger hunters. Some collect blue, others green, red, or combinations. The male builds his nest, or bower, adorns the threshold with an assortment of items that fit the colour scheme and then he waits for a female to approve his work. You might like to check out this National Geographic video, The Satin Bowerbird to see him at work.

Keepsake: The Series

Part One Function over Form

Part Two Copper Cat

Part Three To Margaret Best Wishes Neil Diamond

Part Four Advice from Mother

Part Five Aunt Helen

Part Six Sparks Fly

Part Seven Angel Food Cake

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18 replies

  1. I am just the opposite about keepsakes, since I hate dusting. But I look forward to your new series!


  2. Hey, it’s gonna look like I copied you! I, too, have been planning to start thinning the herd; I actually intend though to toss (most of) the stuff that “has meaning” — by keeping its digital equivalent. We’ve accumulated quite a bit over a quarter of a century, but to be fair, I have hoarding tendencies. The problem is, out of sight out of mind, so I’ll forget I own something, until I randomly find it, but then I can’t bear to toss it, even though I haven’t seen it/thought of it for years. At least you’re sharing the stuff you’re keeping; I plan to share the stuff I’m tossing… you know, so that I can actually toss it! (Or give it away, or recycle it, or sell it.)

    I LOVE your one-a-day treasure hunt. That’s genius. Unfortunately, my Keurig takes less than a minute to brew so I’ll have to find some other five minutes a day to kill. :>


  3. Great minds, darling, it’s all about great minds! Good luck with your letting go. I look forward to seeing what you are tossing our way, so to speak.

    While my tea was steeping just now, I resisted the urge to throw away a couple of unopened containers of herbal remedy. They were an impulse purchase. Now I don’t want them. Should throw them out. I will. Once the expiry date comes and goes.


  4. I love your idea for a new series. I also like your “I Spy” de-clutter strategy. I might have to give that a try.


    • Excellent! I hope it works for you. The “I Spy” thing? Toward the end of the purge phase, I was so caught up in the game that I would put off drinking my first coffee just to finds SOMEthing to discard! And that says something!


  5. Love the bower bird! 😀



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