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Since my creative time is limited this week but I must create (I must, I MUST! [cue dramatic music]) I thought I’d try something a bit different. Below, in no particular order are some of the posts that grabbed my attention today. My new blogging buddy Barbara and kindred spirit was kind enough to reprint her recipe for pear chutney. I promised to send a jar to M-R in the fall […]

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What’s My Line(s)?

Well, dang. Just when I’m starting to really have fun with the Three R’s of blogging – ‘riting, reading, responding, I find I have to pull back a tad. I am double-booked for next weekend. It is the date of Brantford Club Mineral Show and Reiner and I have a table. But just today I have been assigned the essay-heavy module three for Environmental Principles. Due on the Monday after the show. All […]

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Recharging the Cell Phone

I was careless the other day when I plugged in my cell phone to recharge. My hands were wet from washing dishes, I was not paying close attention, and when I plugged in the charger, my fingers were between the plug and the receptacle. There was a brief jolt, a slight sizzle and the cell phone chirped two or three times. The pain was “hard”, if that makes sense. It […]

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The Turkey Vulture Blues

Suggestions on how to overcome the blues? When I’m blue, I wallow. There’s nothing you can do or say. Step back, keep your distance, or, you know what? Leave. I need my privacy. I might watch a tear jerker – Truly Madly Deeply, or a bittersweet favourite Local Hero. Better yet, I’ll listen to the soundtrack of Local Hero or loop through my favourite five tunes of Mark Knopfler’s Ragpicker’s Dream. I’m surprised the disk […]

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Red Flags

As usual, I will sidestep the daily prompt that asks have I ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome? Short answer: nope. I can say, however, that I have felt duped by people. Not necessarily that there was intent to lead me astray, but that was the net result. Very early in my learning career, which was at home, school, and church, I understood the need to get it right. I also understood that […]

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Scratch the Itch

This interminable winter, in spite of the record-breaking cold, will go down in my books as a winner. Yes, in spite of the pain-in-the-ass polar vortex. In spite of the fact that it is almost April and we have snow drifts up to my knees. (Yesterday I came across this funny: Spring forward? How frickin’ far forward did it go?) The reason this winter is a winner?  It is before […]

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