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Worst Dressed

Originally posted on 23thorns:
I don’t, as a rule, buy newspapers. I get all of my news from a couple of sites on the internet. One of those sites has a section dedicated to women, called Women24. I read it. Or rather, I read parts of it. I can’t really get my head around “How to tell if he’s the one for you”, or “Get your body bikini ready for…

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Big Words

Before I tucked into bed last night, I took one last circuit around the internet and noticed a few comments on my blog. I was tempted to answer them, then and there, because I’m obsessive that way, but I managed to talk myself out of it. First thing this morning then, I’m up and composing witty rejoinders in my noggin while I get ready for the day. You do that […]

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Clothes Horse

I dress for comfort and for economy. Guess how many pairs of shoes I have? Six. Including the rubber clogs pictured here. This is me in my gardening gear from 2002. The footwear was purchased BEFORE “crocs” had become fashionable. I bought them for less than $10.00 at a grocery store. Still have them. They’ve got a lot more ground to cover, too. I started to work  for Bell Canada in the early […]

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Last evening as I was describing my mom , Jean, I recalled the first time I saw this picture:

Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II aka Dead Ringer

Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II aka Dead Ringer

It hung at the head of our kindergarten classroom. We were learning to sing God Save the Queen, to stand at attention, with our gaze upon this portrait. As I recall, I did a double take. How was it, I wondered, that my mom’s picture was up there above the blackboard?


Jean the First

Years later, I retold this story, and my friend claimed that EVERYONE thinks that their mom looks like Queen Elizabeth.

What do you think? Can that be so? I find it rather hard to fathom, but I’m prepared to hear otherwise!


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Long May She Reign

Tummy Tuck

Grace Buchanan of Weaver Grace commented on my story about puberty and the emotional turmoil I experienced while “coming of age”. OK, maybe a bit thick on the turmoil part, but yeah, it was not without occasional upset. Undeveloped boobs triggered my particular brand of angst. I wanted to wear a bra, which meant, according to my mom, that I needed to wear a bra. Hold your horses, she said. In Grace’s story, she wanted a […]

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Blue Collar

The neighbourhood? Blue Collar. Deep, through and through blue. With sauerkraut.  The circle on the far left is the hospital, where it all began. The cluster to the right includes our church, the high school, and across the street Bell Canada, where I worked after school, and the grocery store. The smallest circle below the pawprint cluster is perhaps where it REALLY began. That’s the homestead. The two large green […]

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