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Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

Alley Cat

The time:1969

The place: The girls’gym

The event: BOYS in the girls gym.

Boys and girls learning how to dance.

To Alley Cat.

Memory is a bit fuzzy.


Eventually we overcame the scandal.

Because we were giggling too much.




This post inspired by the Daily Prompt

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13 replies

  1. Learning how to dance to Alley Cat in 1969… Now that makes me laugh. Enjoyed.


  2. Oh yeah, it was a very controversial thing to combine the boys and the girls. If I recall we did square dancing, too. Emphasis on square, I suppose I should say, in hindsight! Glad you got a giggle.


  3. Circa 1969: Sexually suggestive music for primary school age children to dance to – girls and boys dancing in the same room – FORBIDDEN!!! Thou shall not look at each other nor shall you hold each others hands ….SINNERS!!!



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