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Archive for February 27th, 2014

The time:1969

The place: The girls’gym

The event: BOYS in the girls gym.

Boys and girls learning how to dance.

To Alley Cat.

Memory is a bit fuzzy.


Eventually we overcame the scandal.

Because we were giggling too much.




This post inspired by the Daily Prompt

Alley Cat

Oscar – a Multiple Choice Quiz

Here’s a quiz about Oscar. Now, I know you haven’t been formally introduced to him yet. He’s that cat who came to fill a gap in our lives.  About two years ago, after our 19 year-old Joey died. I think you’ll do just fine on this quiz. Trust me, I’ve made it easy. 1. Your cat is sick. A urinary tract infection. What do you do? a) Call the vet […]

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