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Historical Non-Fiction in Northern Ontario

Music, a Memoir. Kinda Like Dick and Jane only Sideways

See Marg.

See Marg at school.

Marg was a good student.  She was smart. Smartypants smart.

At Senior Public School, Marg was in the “top” form. Only her class got to play musical instruments! Marg got to play the viola. It was way more special than a dumb old violin. Her hands were just the right size.  She was good at playing the viola. Her music teacher wanted her to take lessons.  She also wanted Marg to be part of a junior orchestra! Must not let that sort of talent go to waste! Isn’t that exciting?

See Marg’s Dad.

Oh, no!

Marg’s dad does NOT want to drive her to music lessons. Nope! Not gonna happen, no way, no how. He will under no circumstances drive her to the lessons.

See Marg.

Marg is waiting for the bus. It’s cold and dark and she is scared.

See Marg’s music teacher.

Teacher will pick Marg up for lessons.

But Marg can tell that the teacher is in a bad mood. Maybe she’s mad at Marg? They drive to the teacher’s house. The weather is TERRIBLE. The car’s brakes don’t work very well.  They make it OK, but the teacher said some bad words.

See all of the kids at the rehearsal! See them laugh! See them shout! Everyone is having a good time. All of the kids play music way better than Marg.

See Marg.

She how upset she looks?

Oh, no! It gets worse. It’s horrible! Marg wants to die.

See Marg lock herself in bathroom.

See Marg cry, and cry, and cry.  Oh, how sad.

See Marg in high school.

Marg has a crush on a boy who is in the school band.  Marg is a groupie.  Do you know what a groupie is?  It’s someone who makes an idiot of herself in the name of luuuuuuuuuuuv.  Also known as stalker.

See Marg and her friends hang out in the music room during free periods.

See Marg and her friends learning to play instruments!  What do you think of that?  Marg played the French Horn.  Cool, eh?

French Horn

French Horn

All through high school, Marg played music one way or another – either in the band or in the play. Those were really fun times and Marg smiles when she remembers them. She has always been a performer of one sort or another.  She has never been scared of acting on stage.

Do you want to know something? It’s kind of a touchy subject. Marg had no boyfriends.  None.  No one asked her out. Remember her crush?  Well, when Marg finally got him to pay attention to her, she did something really, really silly! She was mean and rude to him!  She hurt him so much he said, f**k it!  Who needs this?

Poor boy.

Poor Marg.

She was just shy and scared and had no idea how to be with someone who liked her.


Inspired by the Daily Prompt

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17 replies

  1. Absolutely Phenomenal!!!!!! I am so taken with this. I get a different tone/feeling each time I reread. Now I have to check out what the Daily prompt was to see how this incorporates. But honestly – – this is a stand alone masterpiece. ps. Your name happens to work perfectly for this piece.


  2. This is a great style to present complex. Makes it all the more serious by its simplicity. I could weep.x



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