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Worst Dressed

This topic, celebrity watching and best/worst dressed reports came up in conversation the other day. I’ve never understood or have been attracted to this brand of “humour”. Mocking is another form of attack. I love this guy’s writing, so if he is not yet on your reading list now might be the time to change that.


I don’t, as a rule, buy newspapers. I get all of my news from a couple of sites on the internet. One of those sites has a section dedicated to women, called Women24. I read it.

Or rather, I read parts of it. I can’t really get my head around “How to tell if he’s the one for you”, or “Get your body bikini ready for summer”, but there are articles there that grab my attention more than the traditional male articles about how a bunch of guys spent the day hitting a ball with a piece of wood before nipping off to shower together.

One of the sections I don’t read is the “worst dressed” section. You know the one; a panel of insightful humourists get together to mock other people’s clothes. I don’t avoid it because I am morally superior or too unspeakably masculine. I avoid it because…

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7 replies

  1. Excellent referral; thanks for sharing. :>


  2. I’ve been blogging now for over 2 years. I moved to my own blog from the world of forums, a horrible place where anonymity causes men with too much testosterone to consider themselves instant experts. Vulgarity and trash talk resulted in me looking for a more peaceful method of sharing my photos and my opinions. Thus, the world of blogging, where I’m in control of the content and comments. If you trash talk in a comment you’re gone, censored and erased from memory long before my followers even get to view your attitude. Good luck on your adventure in blogging. – Bob


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