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Clothes Horse

Clothes Horse

The only thing in fashion are the clogs – ahead of the curve

I dress for comfort and for economy. Guess how many pairs of shoes I have? Six. Including the rubber clogs pictured here. This is me in my gardening gear from 2002. The footwear was purchased BEFORE “crocs” had become fashionable. I bought them for less than $10.00 at a grocery store. Still have them. They’ve got a lot more ground to cover, too.

I started to work  for Bell Canada in the early 1970’s. I was sixteen, and work was part-time, after school. Very convenient since the office was just across the street from the high school.

Just before I had landed the job, my dad warned me how expensive it would be for me to work there. “Those gals are all clothes horses,” he said. “You are going to have to buy a whole new wardrobe.”

I’ve never been one for fashion. There are several reasons I suppose. I’m too cheap to keep up with the current trends, is one. I cannot support the cosmetic and “beauty” industry and all of the deceit and mixed messages involved. Out of defiance, I dress down.

I will admit that issues of self-esteem and poor body image linger. Just tiny wee echoes. I’ve learned to live with them, for the most part. But every now and again, when someone suggests that I pluck my eyebrows, for example, my inner warrior rises up and reacts. Over the top reacts. Way out of proportion to what the circumstances merit, reacts.



Inspired by my VERY good friend and fellow clothes horse and photographer


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  1. Every now and then, I long to dress like an icy blonde from an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. Then it hits me: support garments.

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  2. Clothes Horse makes my day everyday. When on a farm, it is important to dress for the “Occasion”. Surely could not imagine myself in manure in “heel deep” or gardening in a “Playtex girdle”!!

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  3. Great pic! Great post! I am still trying to figure where the expression comes from? Honestly, could the first person who used it meant, “Clothes Hoard??” I dunno – – it’s just that it’s been a while since I’ve seen a Clydesdale parading around with Kate Spade (that’s the only designer I can spell!) matching purse and heels.

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    • *giggle* yes, it does conjure up some interesting images! Wish I had some visual artistry in me to put those images into reality! Since the term also refers to a clothes drying rack, I wonder if the meaning that refers to “A person excessively concerned with dress” came afterward?


  4. I’m too lazy for fashion; or rather not patient enough to pay attention to details. 95% of the time I’m ok with that. Sometimes though I wish I had money for a huge closet and a stylist.


  5. Hi Jen, thanks for your note. You bring up a good point. I make my declarations of defiance, but there is a small part, that 5% of me that is influenced by what others have to say, and does weaken my resolve. Sometimes. Appreciate your comment!


  6. You’ve got four more pairs of shoes than I do. :0) I don’t even shave my legs, Maggie! I’ve somehow convinced my BFF-hetero-guy-mate (of 8 years) that not shaving your legs is super sexy. (Haa….hey, he loves me “as is” and that’s one area I won’t compromise.) I’m totally with you on functionality vs. style- I’ll choose functionality every time. ;0)



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