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Take heart ye of … huh. What’s the word I’m looking for… ? dang, I had it a second ago… ye of… oh well, never mind. Read Dave’s good news post about getting old and forgetting stuff.

Hi. I'm Dave.

Back in 2012, the Army sent me to its language school in Monterey, California to learn Arabic. It’s an intense, stressful, 64-week, full-time course, after which graduates are functionally fluent.

On the first day, my 30 classmates and I received introductory lectures by various administrators. I blew off the one who warned us that older students tended to have more trouble with studies. Despite being 50 years old, a good 20 years older than anyone else, I was certain that I was going to ace the class. I had been through the language school (32 years) before, breezing through Hungarian while nary cracking a book. I have two college degrees, including a JD. I’m still a voracious reader. I delight in believing myself the smartest person in most rooms.

Enthused, I showed up to class early, stayed late, and remained in the classroom to study through lunch and breaks.


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  1. I can still kick butt at Trivial Pursuit, but don’t ask me where my keys are.


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